Compliance of DGS Order No.1 of 2003 on land, single premises, formation of trust/society and QMS

General letter

No.21-TR(1)/2004                                                                                 Date : January 22, 2004

Subject: Compliance of DGS Order No.1 of 2003 on land, single premises, formation of trust/society and QMS


All Training Institutes,


1. I am directed to invite a reference to DGS Order No. 1 of 2003 where in the institutes conducting pre-sea courses are required to meet the land requirement as per clause 2.1. and the existing institutes shall ensure that they are also in possession of 1 / 2 hectares of land as the case may be by 01.07.2004.

2. Attention is also invited to clause 2.2 of the above DGS Order which stipulates that the institutes which are already approved to conduct the courses at different location should ensure that all course are restricted to one location by 01.07.2004.

3. Attention is also invited to clause 1.4.2 wherein it has been stipulated that the existing institute have to convert themselves into one of the entities viz. Registered Public Trust or Registered Society or a Company registered under Sec. 25 of Indian Company Act 1956.

4. Attention is also invited to clause 1.23 stipulating that every institute shall have an established quality system of the applicable ISO standards viz. 9001-2000 within 6 months of the commencement of its first DGS approved course and any new DGS approved course thereafter. It is regretted to state that many of the institutes have not forwarded their ISO 9001-2000 QMS certificate to this Directorate so far. In this connection attention is invited to M.S. Notice No. 05 of 2003 dt. 03.02.2003, M.S. Notice No. 08 of 2003 dated 10.03.2003 and Directorate's Circular No. 3-TR(21)/2003 dt. 09.06.2003 on land requirement.

5. All the institutes are hereby requested to give necessary information in the enclosed proforma 'AA' together with certified copy of land details, copy of trust deed, copy of lease agreement in case the institute is conducting the course on leased premises and copy of ISO 9001- 2000 Certificate latest by 01.03.2004. In respect of compliance of QMS certificate you are requested to fax the copy of the QMS certificate immediately.

6. In case, institutes conducting pre-sea courses have not complied with land requirement as stipulated in clause 2.1 of DGS Order No. 1 of 2003, the action taken so far as well as proposed action plan to comply DGS norms by 01.07.2004 may be sent to DGS. The Directorate has already written letter to pre-sea training institute vide letter no. 3-TR(21)/2003 dated 09.06.2003. Needless to say, institute not complying DGS norms will not be allowed to conduct courses in future. The above information may be sent at the earliest and latest by 15.02.2004.

Yours faithfully,


(Naresh Salecha)

Sr. Dy. Director General of Shipping

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