Refresher & Updating Training course (Upgradation course from STCW 1995 to STCW 2010) for Engineer Officers


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QMS Reference No.: EACQP - 07-1 Subject: Refresher & Updating Training course (Upgradation course from STCW 1995 to STCW 2010) for Engineer Officers. File No. ENG/STCW- 52(2)/2011
Authorized by:CS / DG Circular No:STCW 2010 Training Circular No. 02 of 2012 Date: 12.01.2012

1. Introduction:

  1. As the shipping Industry and the seafarers are well aware, the International Convention on Training Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers 1978 as amended in 1995 has further been amended by the Manila amendments 2010 (herein after referred to as STCW 2010), and has entered into force on 1st January 2012 and will be fully implemented by 31st December 2016. The amendments to the Seafarers' Training, Certification and Watch keeping (STCW) Code, are contained in the mandatory standards regarding provisions of the annex to the 1978 STCW Convention, as amended in Part A and, recommended guidance regarding provisions of the 1978 STCW Convention, as amended, in Part B.
  2. This Convention requires establishment of training and certification procedures in conformity with the requirements of the revised Convention with effect from 1st July 2013 for new entrants. However, the transitional provisions permit existing certificates to remain valid until 31st December 2016 after which such certificates will not be valid for sea service.
  3. As per the requirements of STCW 2010, Regulation I/11, Paragraph 4 and 5, each Party to STCW Convention is required to compare the standards of competence which are required by candidates for certificates under STCW 1995 with those specified for the appropriate certificate in Part A of the STCW Code, as amended in 2010 and shall determine the need for holders of such certificates to undergo appropriate refresher and updating training or assessment.
  4. Further, a Party to the STCW Convention shall, in consultation with those concerned, formulate a structure of refresher and updating Courses as provided for in Section A-I/11 of the STCW Code.
  5. The refresher and updating training Course (Upgradation Course) required by regulation I/11 shall be an approved Course and include changes in relevant national and international regulations concerning the safety of life at sea (SOLAS), security and the protection of marine environment and take account of any updating of the standard of competence concerned.
  6. In accordance with the above provisions, the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) has formulated the structure of refresher and updating training Courses (Upgradation Courses) for the various grades of Certificates of Competency in the Engine department.
  7. Marine Engineer Officers pertaining to Class I, Class II or Class IV and possessing Certificate of Competency issued under the STCW 95 are eligible to upgrade their Certificate of Competency for complying with STCW 2010, after successful completion of:-
    1. An approved refresher and updating training Course (Upgradation Course), which includes assessment by the institute. These Courses are of six days for Operational level and eleven days for Management level are expected to start from June 2012. The details of the same are appended as Annexure I (Operational) and Annexure II (Management) herewith.
    2. In addition to the Upgradation Course, candidates are required to undergo modules on refresher training for Personal Survival Techniques (PST), Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat other than Fast Rescue Boats (PSCRB), Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF) and Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) (attached as Annexure III - Practical Training) wherever these certificates are or nearing five years old
    3. Officers who have not undergone Ship Security Officer (SSO) training are required to undergo approved training Course for "Seafarers with designated security duties" in accordance with Regulation VI/6, paragraph 4, 5 and 6 and Table A-VI/6-2.
  8. Up-gradation of Marine Engineer Officers Certificates
    1. Certificates shall be revalidated for a maximum period of 5 years from the date of completion of Up-gradation Course.
    2. For Up-gradation of the Certificates, in addition to the training Courses prescribed above, every candidate shall:-
    3. Meet the standards of medical fitness as prescribed in the Merchant Shipping (Medical Examination) Rules and the STCW Code; Establish continued professional competence as required under Regulation I/11 by:

      a) approved seagoing service, performing functions appropriate to the certificate held, for a period of at least:

      i) twelve months in total during the preceding five years; or

      ii) three months in total during the preceding six months immediately prior to revalidating; or

      b having performed functions considered to be equivalent to the seagoing service required in paragraph 'a', or,

      c) passing an approved test, i.e Oral examination; or

      d) Successfully completing an approved training Course, i.e. preparatory Course of the respective grade or the next higher grade.

      e) having completed approved seagoing service, performing functions appropriate to the certificate held, for a period of not less than three months in a supernumerary capacity, or in a rank next below to that for which the certificate held is valid, immediately prior to taking up the rank for which it is valid.

  9. Up-gradation Course:
  10. 1.9.1 The refresher and updating training Course (Upgradation Course) for operational level is shown as Part A Theoretical Training. Duration of this training Course is 6 working days with 40 contact hours. This training is applicable to:

    a) Holders of MEO Class IV CoC under STCW 1995 for Upgradation to STCW 2010.

    1.9.2 The refresher and updating training Course (Upgradation Course) for management level is shown as Part A Theoretical Training (Operational level) + Part B Theoretical Training (Management level). Duration of this training Course is 11 working days with 76 contact hours which includes the curriculum for Upgradation Course for operational level (40 contact hours) as well as Upgradation Course for management level (36 contact hours). This Upgradation Course is applicable to the:

    a) Candidates holding MEO Class I CoC under STCW 1995 for Upgradation to STCW 2010.

    b) Candidates holding MEO Class II CoC under STCW 1995 for Upgradation to STCW 2010.

    2.       The training institutes approved for Revalidation Course for Engineer Officers are required to modify/ replace Revalidation Course with the Upgradation Course. Syllabus of Upgradation Course is attached as Annexure IV.

2.1 The institutes will need to reassess the Class load of existing faculties and consider the engagement of additional faculty members/ instructors to ensure continued compliance with DGS guidelines. Further, institutes are required to forward a copy of the lesson plan, timetable, and details of the course curriculum along with the distribution of the faculties to the training branch of the Directorate for record, prior commencing the up-gradation course. Same will be verified during the scheduled inspections or unscheduled inspections by the Directorate.

3.    The requirements of this notice are to be complied in totality at the time of up-gradation of CoC or for obtaining higher grade of certificate after the date of entry into force of this notice, failing which the certificates shall be re-validated or issued under STCW 1995 valid till 31st December 2016 only.

4.    The institutes are required to issue documentary evidence in the format attached in Annexure V to the candidates on the successful completion of the Upgradation Course

5.    Please refer attached representative flowchart (Annexure VI) highlighting various categories of persons required to undertake the refresher & updating training Course (Upgradation Course).

6.   All other requirements are as per the DGS guidelines.

7.    This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping and ex-officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India, under the power conferred in the Chapter IX Rule 47 of the Merchant Shipping (Standards of Certification & watch - keeping for Seafarers) Rules, 1998.



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