Procedures on Submission of Application for the Renewal of RPS licenses- Reg.(Withdrawn/refer Crew cir 2A of 2012)

Crew Branch Circular 02 of 2012
NO:CR -Misc 1 -2011 Dated: 16.01.12
Subject: Procedures on Submission of Application for the Renewal of RPS licenses- Reg.
  1. The renewal of the Registration and Placement Service Licenses (RPSL), by this office after their initial period of validity of 5 years has elapsed, has now started and the various RPS providers are applying for renewal of their said licenses. Such renewals, if not carried out before the expiry of the license tenure, will result the RPS agents not being authorized to engage seafarers upon the expiry of those licenses, while retaining, intact, their liability of the seafarers already recruited by them.
  2. Instances have been noticed where in, the lack of procedural know - how in such cases acts as a hurdle in submitting the required documents for such renewal at the correct time.
  3. In order to remove the said bottle necks, and to streamline the procedures of renewal of RPS license, guidelines were issued by this office vide its crew branch Circular No.1 of 2011 (F. No. CR-Misc 1-2011) dated 05.04.11. Concerns were then raised by the industry on the operational glitches faced by them in following the guidelines of the said circular. The same Circular was, therefore, reviewed comprehensively by the Directorate. Now, therefore, in consideration of the difficulties faced, the following guidelines are prescribed in suppression of that Crew Branch Circular No. 1 of 2011 on the same subject. The RPS agents are advised to comply there with and submit their applications for renewal of such licenses, with the documents as mentioned in Annexure I hereof ( 3 pages). An application has to be submitted along- with a signed check list as given in the enclosed Annexure II ( 2 pages). It may be noted that the said applications which are not submitted with full and correct information will undergo scrutiny and rectification of defects. Hence, in such cases, the liability of delay in the renewal of those licenses will be fall on such RPS providers.
  4. It is also noticed that the renewal of those licenses are getting delayed, inconsistently, at various stages, keeping in mind an uncertainty of the renewal of licenses with -in the given scheduled time frames.
  5. The following time schedules are, therefore, prescribed for all agencies involved in the processing of renewal of RPS licenses;
  6. Sr. No. Action Periodicity before expiry of license Responsibility
    (1) (2) (3) (4)
    1 Submission of application for renewal Before 3 months RPS Agent
    2. Intimating IRS for an inspection Within 5 days of receipt of an application DSEO
    3. Rectifying the defects in an application Within 15 days of the receipt of a letter from the DSEO RPS Agent
    4. Checking the application and intimating deficiencies in the application Within 15 days of the receipt of an application DSEO
    5. Conduct of inspection Within 25 days of the receipt of letter from the DSEO IRS
    6. Rectifying non -conformities Within 07 days of an inspection RPS Agent
    7. Submitting inspection report to the DSEO Before 45 days of an expiry of the license IRS
    8. Submission of complete proposal for renewal to the Directorate Before 25 days of an expiry of the license DSEO
    9. Accord authorization to the DSEO for issuing renewal certificate Before 10 days of an expiry of the license Directorate
    10. Issue of renewal certificate Before 5 days of an expiry of the license DSEO

  7. All concerned are advised to adhere to the guidelines and time schedule prescribed herein .
  8. The Crew Branch Circular No. 1 of 2011 the (F. No. CR -Misc 1 - 2011) dated 05.04.11,on the subject, is hereby withdrawn. This issues with the approval of Director General of Shipping and ex-officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India.

(C. Rethinadhas)
Dy. Director General of Shipping

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