Grievance redressal mechanism for seafarers - reg.

Crew Branch Circular 03 of 2011
NO:CR/Misc/10/2011 Dated: 05.07.2011
Subject: Grievance redressal mechanism for seafarers - reg.
  1. Seafarers, although representing a pivotal component of the Indian maritime industry may be experiencing difficulties during their tenure relating to conditions of service including non-payment of wages. The nature of their job limits their opportunity to be ashore and as such makes it difficult for them for a proper follow-up action for resolving their individual problems. In the course of time, such problems become unsolved grievances. Such grievances need quick and effective redressal.
  2. Considering the need for addressing the above and to enhance the welfare of the seafarers, the Honorable Union Minister of Shipping, in his address on the occasion of the 1st 'Day of the Seafarer' held at Mumbai on 25.06.11, has announced a "Grievances Redressal Mechanism for the Seafarers", to be operated in the Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India.
  3. In cognizance of the said decision, a 'Grievances Redressal Mechanism for Seafarers' has since been started by the Directorate, with an immediate effect. This mechanism will be functioning as under;
    1. Grievances of any seafarer may be filed in the Directorate General of Shipping, either by post or e-mail, to the following coordinating mode for the purpose;
      1. Postal address: Deputy Director General [Crew Branch],
        Directorate General of Shipping,
        Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India,
        Jahaz Bhawan,
        Walchand Hirachand Marg,
        Ballard Estate,
        Mumbai- 400 001, Maharashtra
      2. E-mail address: (i)
    2. Such grievances will be registered and an acknowledgement & registration no. thereto shall be assigned within 48 hours of the receipt of the grievance.
    3. The grievance will be processed and a reply given within 15 days of the receipt of such communication.
    4. In the case of a requirement of a personal hearing in the matter, the seafarers canlso register their grievances in person with the respective Mercantile Marine Department [MMD] offices at Chennai/Goa/ Haldia/ Jamnagar/Kandla/Kochi/Kolkata/ Mangalore/ Mumbai/ Noida/Paradip/ Port Blair / Tuticorin/Visakhapatnam.
    5. Such grievances will also be personally heard by the senior officers concerned of the Directorate General of Shipping, once in 3 months, at the level of the Principal Officer [PO]/Surveyor-in-Charge [SIC] of the jurisdictional MMD, who is also designated for the purposes as the Seafarers Grievances Redressal Officer of the concerned MMD, at 1500 hours. On the 1st Wednesday of January, April, July and October, every year. In the event that the said day turns out to be a holiday, the following working day shall hold good.
    6. The Director General/Joint Director General of Shipping shall also hear the seafarers grievances, personally, once in a year, on the 3rd Wednesday of a given month at 1500 hours, in the office of the locational MMD, through official tours, in terms of the schedule there to enclosed herewith [Annexure -I : 1 page] as may be modified from time to time.
    7. A format for registering such grievances is enclosed herewith [Annexure - II : 1 page].
  4. This issue with the approval of the Director General of Shipping & ex officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India.

(C. Rethinadhas)
Dy. Director General of Shipping

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