Requirement of attestation & authentication of document submitted for issuance of CDC -reg.

Crew Branch Circular 2 of 2008
NO: 3(2)CR/2006 Dated: 19.02.2008
Sub.: Requirement of attestation & authentication of document submitted for issuance of CDC.....reg.
  1. This is in supersession of this Directorate's Crew Branch Circular No. 5 of 2001 dated 07.11.2001, Crew Branch Circular No. 6 of 2002 dated 29.5.2002, M.S. Notice no. 25 of 2002 dated 11.10.2002, and Training Branch Circular No. 1 of 2001 dated 26.02.2001.
  2. On the recommendation of an internal audit carried out on the procedures for issuance of CDCs by office of the Shipping Master, Kolkata, it is noted that there is an immediate need to strengthen the requirement of attestation/authentication/verification of supporting documents and nationality of applicants before issuance of CDCs.
  3. It is therefore decided that henceforth:
    1. All essential supporting documents enclosed with the application for issuance of CDC would need to be verified for their authenticity from their respective issuing authorities. This requirement would be mandatory for processing all categories of CDCs.
    2. Attested documents, wherever permitted under the Rules, would be accepted only if such attestation is done by a gazetted officer of Govt. of India. Identification Details of the attesting officer, full name, Govt. Of India I/card no. and photocopy, e-mail ID, Designation and office address, would need to be noted clearly below with the signature of the attesting officer as required in the case of passport application.
    3. Proof of nationality is to be checked, in all cases, only through attested copy of the passport of the applicant.
  4. This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping & ex-Officio Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India.

(Capt. Harish Khatri)
Dy. Director General of Shipping




M.S. Notice No. 18 of 2002

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