Submission of Articles of Agreement "On line"

Crew Circular 7 of 2007
NO: 1(12)-CR/2004 Dated:31.08.2007
SSubject: Submission of Articles of Agreement "On line"
  1. Background
    1. Government of India has initiated E-Governance program to accelerate the facilitation of Govt. services by using Information Technology. Accordingly, this Directorate, under E-Governance programme, has made provisions for quicker processing and delivery of services. A web-site of the Directorate has been in operation for some time for dissemination of public information and interactive modules under E-Governance are also been set up.
    2. Presently Articles of Agreement are required to be deposited to the office of the Shipping Master, Commissioner, Seamen's Provident Fund Organization (SPFO) and Seafarers' Welfare Fund Society (SWFS) as per procedure promulgated vide DGS Order NO. 7 of 2002 dated 3.12.02. However, this Directorate has received references wherein in few cases, neither the Articles of Agreement are submitted to the respective offices as required under M.S. Act, nor the statutory dues are being deposited/settled by the respective ship owners/manning agents.
  2. Procedure for submission of Article of Agreements :
    1. Now, in order to implement the application of Information Technology and in order to ensure that all the engagement and discharge of seafarers are properly communicated to all the respective offices, following is advised:
      1. E-module for submission of Articles of Agreements "On line" has been developed and recently a pilot-run of this programme was conducted in the Shipping Master's office with representation of few shipping lines. The programme is being further fine-tuned and is expected to be launched by end of August, 2007.
      2. All the shipowners/RPS providers are required to obtain user ID and password for submitting Articles of Agreement "Online". Such password/user ID can be obtained by sending e-mail to
      3. All shipowners / RPS providers are hereby reminded that submission of Articles of Agreements is a mandatory requirement. Henceforth, compliance of this requirement would also be verified during Flag State inspection, ISM Audit and inspection by Shipping Master's office from time to time.
      4. Further, till such time, "On line" submission of Articles of Agreement to all respective offices is fully operational, all the shipwoners/RPS providers are required to first submit the relevant copies of Articles of Agreement to the office of SPFO and SWFS and thereafter, submit the Articles of Agreement to Shipping Master along with the duly acknowledged copy from SPFO & SWFS. This requirement is for submission of Articles of Agreement at the "Sign-off" stage so that office of SPFO and SWFS are duly informed of details regarding PF, Gratuity, Welfare Fund contribution etc.
      5. This issues with the approval of Director General of Shipping & Ex-officio Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India.


(Capt. Harish Khatri)
Dy. Director General of Shipping


revised form

Revised form of Articles of Agreement

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