Admission for company sponsored candidates- DNS [IGNOU]-February, 2008 batch.

Training Circular No. 9 of 2007

No.11-TR(34)/2006                                                                                         Dated: 24.12.2007

Subject : Admission for company sponsored candidates - DNS [IGNOU] - February, 2008 batch

Vide Training Circular No.16 of 2006, the Common Entrance Exam conducted by IGNOU was made mandatory for all the candidates including the company sponsored candidates. Requests have been received from Indian/foreign ship owners that they would like to have their own selection process and would like to continue to sponsor candidates for "One Year Diploma in Nautical Science [IGNOU]" course for the February, 2008 batch commencing w.e.f. 1.2.2008. The request has been examined and to cater to their specific needs, it has been decided that the candidates sponsored by shipping companies need not qualify for the Common Entrance Exam conducted by IGNOU for the February, 2008 batch and will be allowed to be admitted directly in the approved institutes. The training institutes should submit the Form 'B' of the company sponsored candidates to IGNOU on or before 11th February, 2008. This relaxation is only for the intake to the February, 2008 batch.

The other eligibility criteria for company sponsored candidates notified vide DGS Circular No.7 of 2005 shall remain unchanged.

It may be noted that where a sponsored candidate, after successful completion of 1st and 2nd semester, is not absorbed by the sponsoring shipping company within a reasonable period of 6 months, the DGS may reduce intake capacity of such training institute for future training programmes. This may lead to withdrawal of programme and/or institute's approval by DGS

It may be noted that no institute sponsored candidates are to be admitted in the February, 2008 batch

Any violation leading to admission of ineligible candidates shall be viewed seriously as a major misconduct and institutes indulging/entertaining such malpractices shall be suspended forthwith. The onus of verifying the authenticity of the school/college certificates shall entirely lie with the institutes concerned

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping and Ex-Officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India.




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