Temporary Ban on approvals of post-sea and modular courses (Obsolete -- Delete)

Training Circular No.5 of 2007

No: 21-TR(4)/2006                                                                             Dated: 23rd August, 2007

Subject : Temporary Ban on approvals of post-sea and modular courses

A review of the approved intake strength for post-sea and modular courses undertaken in the Directorate, has revealed that intake capacities of 30,000-64000 students per annum in each course have been created in various training institutes.

This infrastructure is well in excess of the requirements of the seafarers population of the country, leading to a shortage of candidates so that several institutes do not operate their courses and others only run them once or twice a year. This leads to great deal of inconvenience to candidates, who find provisional admissions being cancelled at the last minute because of course cancellation due to shortage of viable number of candidates. Often candidates have to wait a long period for refund of fees and are frustrated in pursuing their study schedule. Further creation of intake capacity in such circumstances will only lead to ineffective and cost cutting measures by colleges at the expense of academic standards and candidate's interest

In view of this, it has been decided to suspend with immediate effect, entertainment of and approval to fresh cases of all post-sea and modular courses, except those listed in the Annexure-I.

Further, It has been decided that approvals of 4 basic modular courses viz. Elementary First Aid [EFA], Personal Safety and Social Responsibility [PSSR], Personal Survival Techniques [PST] and Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting [FPFF] will be allowed only as a package, to the institutes conducting pre-sea courses, and Oil Tanker Familiarization [OTF] Course to the institutes conducting GP Rating course, but the said approval will be restricted to only in-house candidates admitted in pre-sea courses of that institute.

All maritime training institutes are advised that no new applications for approvals or increase in intake capacity for post-sea and modular courses need be sent to the Directorate. It is further intimated that all pending proposals for new courses will be processed as per merit. Wherein prior approvals have already been issued, while no action to withdraw the approvals at this stage will be taken, Institutions who have not yet set up infrastructure, would be well advised to think carefully before doing so, as they would only be creating wasteful capacities.

This order comes into immediate effect and will be in force till further orders. The manpower demand supply position will be reviewed in August of every year and any change in approach will be duly intimated.

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping and Ex-Officio Additional Secretary with the Government of India.

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