Final date of admission for IGNOU August 2006 batch (Obsolete--Delete)

Training Circular No.9 of 2006

No: 11-TR (18)/2004                                                                                                 Dated: July 19, 2006

Subject : - Final date of admission for IGNOU August 2006 batch

The question of streamlining of procedures relating to admission of students for the IGNOU Course for Diploma in Nautical Sciences has been engaging the attention of this Directorate. Now that the 5th batch of the course is scheduled to commence on 1st August 2006, requests have been received from Indian / foreign ship owners that they would like to have their own selection process and would like to continue to sponsor candidates for IGNOU course. To cater to their specific need, it has been decided that those candidates who are sponsored for on-board ship training and employment by members of INSA / FOSMA / MASSA, will be allowed to apply for IGNOU latest by 25th July, 2006. The other eligibility criteria for Company Sponsored Candidates notified vide DGS Circular No.7 of 2005 shall remain unchanged.

Similarly, institutes who are unable to get enough candidates from among the successful candidates from the IGNOU or sponsored companies will also be allowed to enroll "Institute-sponsored candidates" for the batch of August, 2006 to fill seats still remaining vacant after Company Sponsored and IGNOU candidates have been enrolled. Such institute enrolment will be subject to the condition that such candidates shall have obtained minimum 60% in PCM and 50% marks in English and if after successful completion of on-shore training of one year, they are not absorbed by any Shipping Company within a reasonable period of 9 (nine) months, then the Directorate would reduce the intake capacity of the training institute concerned accordingly for future training courses. This may also lead to withdrawal of course and/ or institutes approval by the Directorate General of Shipping. The cut off date for such institute-sponsored candidates shall be 31-07-2006.

All the selected candidates shall have to undergo the online psychometric screening test as and when announced by the Directorate General of Shipping anytime during the course and those candidates who do not get the passing marks shall be given atleast three counts of psychological counseling at the cost of the institute until they are able to pass the test on any subsequent date as may be notified. The conduct of psychometric test is subject to random checking by the Academic Council concerned and any violation found in this regard shall render the Institute liable for disciplinary / penal action.

Any violation leading to admission of ineligible candidates shall be viewed seriously as major misconduct and shall be dealt in accordance with DGS Order No.1 of 2003.

This issues with the approval of the Director-General of Shipping and ex-officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India.


(PH. Krishnan)

Dy. Director General of Shipping

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