Final date for admission for IGNOU August 2005 batch. (Obsolete--Delete)

Training Circular 22-A of 2005

File No. 11TR(18)/2004                                                                             Date : 12.08.2005

Subject : Final date for admission for IGNOU August 2005 batch.

IGNOU had allocated candidates to all approved Pre Sea Training Institutes conducting IGNOU BSc. Nautical Science Courses. Few Training Institutes have requested to give more time for further allocation and allowing candidates to join. They have also requested to give extension for submitting of Form I to Shipping Master. The last date for such candidates to join training institute was extended to 10th of August, 2005, in accordance with Training Circular 22 of 2005 dated 5.8.05.

Due to recent heavy rains / floods in Western part of India especially in Mumbai, many candidates could not join these training institutes on the scheduled date. Some of the training institutes have again requested to give a further extension of last date for joining of such trainees who have already been allocated to training institutes by IGNOU. The matter has been examined further in the Directorate

In view of the difficulties explained by approved training institutes, the Director General has accepted the request of the training institutes and industry and has permitted such aggrieved candidates to join latest by 20th August, 2005.

Training institutes are directed to make up for lost time of candidates who have joined late by conducting additional classes on weekends and holding tutorials after the working hours

Training institutes shall submit the detail of candidates joining in both sponsored category and non sponsored category to IGNOU and Directorate on 21st August, 2005 by email and / Fax. Similarly training institutes are required to submit Form I to Shipping Master by close of working hours on 22nd August, 2005. No condonation of late submission of Form I shall be granted.

All training institutes are required to comply with the above strictly. Any deviation will be viewed seriously in terms of DGS order 1 of 2003.

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping and ex-officio Addl. Secretary to the Government of India.


(Naresh Salecha)

Sr. Dy. Director General of Shipping

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