Pre-sea 6-month certification course for Deck Cadets

Training Circular No. 19 of 2005

No:11-TR(18)/2005                                                                                        Dated: July 1, 2005

Subject : Pre-sea 6-month certification course for Deck Cadets

The Directorate has issued Training Circular No. 20 of 2004 dated 28.04.2004, introducing a new programme for Diploma in Nautical Science leading to Bachelor degree in Nautical Science w.e.f. August, 2004. The old 3 months pre-sea Deck Cadet training was discontinued w.e.f. 1st January, 2005 vide above quoted circular. Adequate time was given for smooth transition from old system to new system by allowing both the streams till 1st January, 2005. Two batches of the new programme that were started in August, 04 and January, 05 are already under going training. The next batch is starting in August, 2005

During an interactive meeting with industry, FOSMA and MASSA requested to give some more time for completely switching to new system since many of their member lines could not select and place the cadets in new stream. The issue has been discussed subsequently on more than one occasion. Two special meeting were held with representatives of FOSMA & MASSA only to discuss this issue on 1st June, 2005 and 6th June, 2005. The views of INSA were also taken

During the meetings, FOSMA gave the list of companies who have got ready 512 slots for cadets. MASSA indicated that they have got slots between 250 to 300. INSA also requested that they may also be given opportunity to conduct short term 6-month course in order to meet their growing requirement due to fresh acquisitions. FOSMA & MASSA requested that they may be allowed to recruit cadets through short term pre-sea training programme in order to not to loose any training berth. The representative of FOSMA and MASSA indicated that if we do not take immediate action for modified course, chances are that their principals may go to other competing seafaring supply countries and India may loose opportunities

The issue was discussed in-house in greater details. It is one of the accepted goals of the Directorate to promote more employment opportunities for the Indian seafarers. Loosing any slots may have adverse impact on employment opportunities

Taking all this into consideration and with the intention of improving employment prospects for Indian Seafarers, the Director General of Shipping and Ex-officio Addl. Secretary to the Govt. of India is pleased to accept the request of Industry for Pre-sea 6 month certification course for Deck Cadets as per following criteria: -

The duration of the course will be 6 months, including 4 basic STCW courses.

Such sponsored candidates will finish the certificate course in one semester.

Only those institutes which have been approved for pre sea deck cadet courses will be eligible to conduct this course. The pre-sea training institutes can conduct this course only if they are complying with the requirements of the DGS Order 1 of 2003 and subsequent relevant training circulars regarding the laboratories and workshops. They must submit these details immediately to the Directorate and obtain the approval of the Directorate for conducting the six months certification course

Only those institutes which have been benchmarked with sufficient good grading as stipulated in training circular 2 of 2004 or which have taken effective steps for getting themselves benchmarked for relevant courses will be considered for approval for this course.

This scheme will be applicable only for sponsored candidates who have a guarantee to onboard training by sponsoring companies who are members of either INSA, FOSMA or MASSA. The company will have to give undertaking to this effect to the Directorate while sponsoring cadets and indicate the name of training institute with name of sponsored cadets for 6 months as well as 1-year regular course. Only on specific approval by DGS such training institute will admit such sponsored boys.

The cadet should have passed (10+2) or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English as separate subjects with a PCM average of not less than 60% and English with minimum 50% marks in either 10th or 12th. The maximum age of such cadet should be 20 years on the date of start of course

Sponsoring companies are required to put equal number of candidates in regular 1 year course preferably in the same institute. To illustrate if one cadet is sponsored for 6 monthly course, the second will have to be sponsored simultaneously for regular 1 year course.

After completion of 6 monthly training, suitable certificate will be issued. Thereafter, the cadets will have to do 36 months of sea service. However, cadets undergoing approved Ship Board Structure Training Programme, will have to do only 24 months of sea services.

This circular will come into force with immediate effect.

This issues with the approval of Directorate General of Shipping and Ex-officio Addl. Secretary to the Govt. of India.


(Naresh Salecha)

Sr. Dy.Director General of Shipping

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