Modified procedures for Registration of Vessels under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 amended.

MSL Branch Circular 2 of 2010

No:MSL10(3)/2008                                                                                                           Dated: December 31, 2010

sub:  Modified procedures for Registration of Vessels under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 amended.

WHEREAS the Directorate issued modified procedures vide MSL Branch Circular 2 of 2008 for registration of vessels under MS Act WHEREAS the shipping industry has made requests for further expediting the pre-registration process of allocation of name, call sign, official number and MMSI number,

REALISING the need to make the pre-registration process faster and up-to-date with the industry demand, The following guidelines are issued by the Directorate to expedite the pre-registration procedure and to allow choice of domain names during name allotment process.

  1. As per para 2.1 of MSL Circular 2 of 2008, the application for allotment name, official number and call sign combined with the MMSI Number is made by the owner through the registrar, and to the DGS by fax and approval by DGS would be made by return fax within 24 hours.

    Henceforth, the owner may forward an advance copy of the application to the Directorate by e-mail to The central registry will inform the registrar about the allotment within 24 hours. The details of allotment will be communicated by the concerned registrar to the ship-owner after realisation of necessary fees.

  2. The allotted name, official number, call sign and MMSI Number will be valid for a year as per MS(Registration of Indian Ships) Rules, 1960 as amended. However, if the owner desires to revalidate the name beyond one year, the same may be done at an additional fee, as prescribed under para (iv).
  3. A prospective ship-owner has the option to reserve a domain name of his choice only as prefix or suffix; for example: Jag Vishwa Prem Malaviya etc.). Ships already registered and interested in registering a domain name for their exclusive use shall have preference over other applicants. In case there is more than one applicant for the same domain name, the matter will be referred to the Director General.
  4. The fees applicable for allotment or revalidation of name/MMSI Number, domain name are as follows: First Allotment of Name/MMSI Rs.5,000/=

    Revalidation of Name/MMSI before the expiry of validity Rs.10,000/=

    Revalidation of Name/MMSI within 6 months after the expiry of validity Rs.20,000/=

    For Reserving a domain name (as prefix or suffix) for one year*

         (i) First 10 ships with same domain name Rs.50,000/=

         (ii) For every 10 ships thereafter Rs.25,000/-

    This circular shall be applicable with effect from 1st January, 2011.

    This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping.


(V. Rajendran)

Dy. Director General of Shipping

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