Issuance of Safe Manning Documents on the Engineering side.

NO:MSL-1(2)/95-II                                                                                                                                              Dated: 27.12.2007



The Principal Officer,

Mercantile Marine Department,

Mumbai / Kolkata / Chennai / Kandla / Kochi


The Surveyor-In-Charge,

Mercantile Marine Department,

Port Blair/ Visakhapatnam / Tuticorin / Jamnagar / Goa/

Mangalore/ Haldia / Paradip / Noida.


Subject:- Issuance of Safe Manning Documents on the Engineering side.



          I am directed to invite a reference to this office letter of even number dated 02.05.2003 circulating the guidelines on Minimum Safe Manning Scale for different categories of ships.

         With growth in shipping operations and ever-increasing demand for qualified Engineer Officers at senior levels, our coastal vessels (including tugs and offshore crafts), are facing difficulty in recruitment.

         In order to give an impetus to coastal shipping and to be able to cope up with the increasing manpower demand on coastal fleet, it has been decided to further rationalise the Safe Manning Scale on the engineering side.

        Several rounds of discussions have been held with the industry representatives and officers of the Directorate and taking into account the above requirements and in order to provide adequate manning of these vessels, the Minimum Safe Manning Scale on the Engineering side is accordingly revised and enclosed herewith for further necessary action.

         This issues with the approval of Director General of Shipping and ex officio Addl. Secretary to the Govt. of India.

                                                                                                 Yours Faithfully,


                                                                                                   (S.G. Bhandare)

                                                                                                                                Asstt. Director General of Shipping

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