Panel of Auditors for ISM Code Audits

Engineering Circular No. 14(Amended on 09.01.2012)

NO:.ENG/ISM-59(4)/LA-A/03                                                                                                                         Dated:09th January, 2012


Sub: Panel of Auditors for ISM Code Audits

This circular shall be updated once in a year or when the requirement for the inclusion/deletion of Auditors is necessary. Hence, all concerned are required to have an updated list of Auditors of the Directorate and its allied offices from the web site

The Panel of Auditors for ISM Code Audits has now been amended on 09.01.2012 and this supersedes the earlier list brought out vide our Eng. Cir No.14 dated 19 .03.2010.

The below mentioned list are the Surveyors of this Directorate and its allied offices who have undergone ISM Lead Auditors course and the requisite experience and they have been accredited as Lead Auditor/ Auditors to assess the Company or Ship for the compliance of the requirements of the ISM Code. The accredited Lead Auditor on his nomination may lead or participate in any type of ISM Audit and the Auditors are required to participate as team members in any type of ISM Audits. The may be brought to the notice of all concerned for information and necessary compliance.

Panel of Auditors for ISM Code Audits
Sr. No. Name of Office Name of Officers Designation Status
1 D.G.Shipping Capt. M.M. Saggi N.A Lead Auditor
2   Shri. A. Banerjee C.S Lead Auditor
3   Shri Suresh Kumar CSS Lead Auditor
4   Shri D. Mehrotra Dy.CS Lead Auditor
5   Capt. S.K. Shukla Dy. NA Lead Auditor
6   Shri Aji Vasudevan Dy. CSS Lead Auditor
7   Capt. R.K. Awasthi NS Lead Auditor
8   Capt. D. Kapoor NS Lead Auditor
9   Capt. H. Khatri; NS Lead Auditor
10   Capt. A.K. Azad NS Lead Auditor
11   Shri K.H. Mehta Sr. Radio Surveyor Lead Auditor
12   Shri S.S. Gadkar E&SS Lead Auditor
13   Shri R. Vinod Kumar E&SS Lead Auditor
14   Shri D Kumar Jha E&SS Auditor
15   Shri A.B. Dutta E&SS Auditor
16   Capt. Rakesh Johari E&SS Auditor
17 MMD, Mumbai Capt L.K. Panda PO Lead Auditor
18   Shri P. Bhosle Dy.CS Lead Auditor
19   Shri S. Barik E&SS Lead Auditor
20   Capt. D. F. Vaz NS Lead Auditor
21   Shri L. Natarajan E&SS Auditor
22   Shri B.C. Sharma R. Inspector Auditor
23   Shri Sameer Narain E&SS Auditor
24   Capt. Pramod Kumar NS Auditor
25 MMD, Chennai Dr. P. Mishra PO. Lead Auditor
26;   Shri B.R. Sekhar Dy.CS Lead Auditor
27   Capt. K.R. Sundram NS Auditor
28   Shri M.C.S. Rao E&SS Auditor
29   Shri Shrish Kumar E&SS Auditor
30   Capt Ashwin Solanki NS Auditor
31   Shri E.C. Jayachandran Radio Inspector Auditor
32 MMD, Kolkata Capt. S.C. Mondal PO (I/c) Auditor
33   Capt. S.K. Das Dy. NA Auditor
34   Shri S.K. Sinha Dy.CS Lead Auditor
35   Shri A.K. Biswas E&SS Auditor
36   Shri P.P. Saha E&SS Auditor
37   Shri K. Mukherjee Sr. R.S Auditor
38 MMD, Cochin Shri M.P. John PO(I/c) Lead Auditor
39 Shri A.K. Sukumaran E&SS Lead Auditor
40   Shri V.V. Paul E&SS Lead Auditor
41   Shri J. Senthilkumar E&SS Auditor
42 MMD, Goa Capt K.P. Jayakumar NS Lead Auditor
43   Shri A.A. Tambwekar E&SS Lead Auditor
44 MMD, Tuticorin Shri R.R. Subbarao E&SS Auditor
45 MMD, Vizag Shri Durga Prasad E&SS Auditor
46 MMD, Jamnagar Capt. R.K. Mudali NS Lead Auditor
47 MM.D, Kandla Capt. J.S. Uppal, Principal Officer Lead Auditor
48   Capt. Manoj K. Budhania NS Auditor
49 MMD, Mangalore Capt S. Kumar Darokar NS Auditor


( D. Mehrotra)

Dy. Chief Surveyor cum Sr. DDG (Tech)

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