ISM forms for certification under ISM Code. (Superseded by M.S. Notice)

Engineering Circular No. 105 OF 2009

   NO :ENG/I/59(4)/97                                                                                                                                                   Dated 24.03.2009

Sub : ISM forms for certification under ISM Code.


Related DGS circulars: Engineering Circular No. 76, MS Notice 28 of 2003 and 8 of 2004

  1. This Directorate has issued procedures and format of application on various issues, related to certification under ISM code. Recently the ISM forms such as company declaration forms, assessment reports, log sheet etc. used by auditor / auditee have been amended to indicate a field on company identification number along with some minor changes. However, these amended forms are found not available on the DGS web page. To provide accessibility to these forms i.e., ISM-01, ISM-02, ISM-03, ISM-11, ISM-12, ISM-13, NCR-OBS, AUDIT LOG, ASSESSMENT REPORT (SHIP), ASSESSMENT REPORT (COMPANY), DOCUMENT REVIEW, AUDIT SCHEDULE, ASSESSMENT CHECK LIST, MONITORING REPORT to auditors / auditees, these are now annexed to this circular.
  2. The format of prescribed form (Annexed to this circular) have also been amended to make it more user friendly. Reference document 'Read Me' may also be perused as to how to fill up these forms, while filling up these forms in a computer.
  3. All stakeholders are advised to use the new format when transmitting information to the Directorate with effect from 1st April, 2009.
  4. This issues with the approval of Chief Surveyor to the Govt. of India.


    (D. Mehrotra)

     Dy. Chief Surveyor-cum Sr.DDG(Tech)

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