DESIGNATED PERSON (DP)-Role, Responsibility & Qualification requirements - (Superseded by M.S. Notice 09 of 2014)

Engineering Circular No. 101 OF 2008

NO ; ENG/ISM/59(4)/97                                                                                                                                              Dated 29.12.2008

Sub ;- DESIGNATED PERSON (DP)-Role, Responsibility & Qualification requirements

1. Background:

  1. .1 Noting that the ISM Workshop-2008 with the Shipping Companies, Recognised Organizations and seafarers and the subsequent ISM review meeting held at the Directorate on 15.12.2008 with the Designated Persons of all the Indian shipping companies (holding DOC), led to the decision that clarification on the role, responsibility and qualification of the designated person is needed.
  2. Recognizing, that the existing two guidelines on the Designated Person i.e., Engineering circular no 43, dated 23rd December, 2004 and circular no.90, dated 12th December, 2007 issued by the Directorate on the subject requires further clarity in the interpretation.
  3. .3 Being aware, that in today's world the performance of Designated Person Ashore (DP) is vital to achieve the success of the safety management system of a company under the ISM Code.
  4. Under the above background, the Directorate makes following requirements with respect to the role, responsibility & qualification of the Designated Person and accordingly all such companies (holding Document of Compliance issued to them by this Directorate) to apply the following requirements without any delay.

2. Requirements:

  1. Designated person ashore is the key person to ensure effective implementation of the company's safety management system and requires to be based ashore for developing and implementing safety culture within the company.
  2. The designated person is required to be influential and placed at a reasonably higher level (senior management position) in the company's organization chart.
  3. The designated person is required to effectively influence the mind-set, attitudes and behaviour of subordinate shore staff to enhance support of vessel operations; as well as acting as a key link in the safety management chain directly to the highest-level management of his company for required support and resources.
  4. The role and responsibility of the designated person (s) is to verify and monitor all safety and pollution prevention activities in the operation of each ship. This monitoring should include, at least, the following internal processes but not limited to:
    1. Communication and implementation of the safety and environmental protection policy.
    2. To carry out internal audit both ashore and onboard all ships (large companies are required to have more than one alternate designated person depending on size & type of fleet).
    3. In addition to above, in case there is reason to believe that the SMS implementation needs improvement, the DP and / or his assistant (s) is required to ensure monitoring of the safety management system via visits/inspections on board during calls or trips, following-up with shipboard recordings of safety drills reports, familiarisation recordings, maintenance and periodic tests of all ship's equipment, safety and training meetings, orders for repairs or spare parts, Masters reviews and the internal audits, etc.
    4. Continuous monitoring and especially remote monitoring for the DP evaluation and review of the effectiveness of the safety management system;
    5. Reporting and analysis of non-conformities, accidents and hazardous occurrences;
    6. Organizing and monitoring of internal audits;
    7. Appropriate revisions to the SMS; and ensuring that adequate resources and shore-based support is provided to achieve all of above.
  5. The Company is required to provide adequate resources and shore-based support to enable the designated person in order to carry out his role effectively, These include:
    1. Human resources;
    2. material resources;
    3. any training required for the personnel;
    4. Clearly defining and documenting the role & responsibility and authority of the DP for reporting non-conformities and observations to the highest level of management.
    5. DP is required to be actively involved in the ships' requests about safety and prevention of pollution under normal conditions (stores or demand of repairs or technical refit) or in emergency (specific Masters Request to help him manage the situation).
  6. All Companies are required to create a separate ISM structure (safety cell) detailing staff, space for functioning of the safety cell within the office and budget for carrying out total management of the SMS including:
    1. link between crews and the top management
    2. link with the Masters for monitoring, control and evolution of the SMS
    3. edition, corrections, revisions of SMS documents
    4. inspections and internal audits
    5. follow-up of nonconformities or other observations
    6. analyzing the Masters reviews
    7. analyzing of accidents and near-misses.
    8. preparation of the management review
    9. ISM related Training on board / ashore
    10. organizing meetings / training courses identified as necessary
    11. Rules / Regulation watch-over including the analysis of amendments and the transmission of all applicable information to the ships
    12. the information of the company on improvements stated
  7. All companies should ensure that the designated person and his assistant/ alternate(s) possess following:
    1. adequate shipboard sailing experience as Chief Engineer Officer or Master
    2. knowledge and understanding of ISM Code, mandatory rules and regulations, applicable codes, guidelines and standards as appropriate
    3. knowledge on assessment technique of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting, technical or operational aspects of safety management,
    4. appropriate knowledge of shipping and shipboard operations
    5. experience of participation in at least one marine-related management system audit and effective communication with shipboard staff and senior management and should be able to determine effectiveness of SMS by using Internal audit, Management review, assess effectiveness of SMS and able to gather and analyse data from Hazardous occurrences, hazardous situations, near misses, incidents and accidents and apply the lessons learnt to improve the SMS within the Company and its ships.
  8. All companies holding DOC are required to provide documentary evidence that their designated person and the assistant / alternate designated person (s) have the relevant qualification, training and experience to undertake the duties under the provisions of the ISM Code within a period of six months from the date of issue of this circular.
  9. This issues with the approval of the Chief Surveyor with the Govt. of India



Dy. Chief Surveyor-cum Sr.DDG(Tech)

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