Issuance of DGS Orders, Circulars, M.S. Notices

D.G. Shipping Circular No. 4 of 2004

NO:11-TR(1)/2004                                                             Dated January 13, 2004

Sub: Issuance of DGS Orders, Circulars, M.S. Notices

This Directorate issues the DGS Orders, DGS Circulars, M.S. Notices etc. from time to time promulgating new rules, procedures and practices, as required, in order to streamline, strengthen and facilitate the shipping sector in India.

So far, when ever a new order was issued, hard copies were being issued to the associations, Unions etc. However, this is a tedious, unwarranted and time consuming practice as it involves wastage of time, stationery and places a huge burden on the Government exchequer towards postage etc. .

Accordingly, it is now decided to cease this practice of issuing hard copies of orders. This Directorate is in the process of implementation e-governance and one of the objectives of e-governance is to bring about a paperless office. This order is the first step to achieve this objective.

This Directorate has website having two URLs; or http:/ The websites are updated immediately when a new order is issued. These websites are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The new orders/instructions etc. are displayed under the head 'News' and remain flagged under this head for a week , thereby, facilitating in tracing the newly issued orders. Accordingly, all concerned are hereby requested to, henceforth, access the websites of DGS on a regular basis and download the latest instructions and orders issued by this Directorate from time to time.

For those associations, organizations, who are directly involved in the process of implementation of these orders, the details of the e-mail and contact person/s should be forwarded to this Directorate at the address, while indicating the orders/instructions etc. which are related to your organisation . For example, the Training Institutes will indicate that they are concerned with the amendments brought about by the Training Branch, Crew Branch etc of this Directorate. This will enable this Directorate in creating "groups" so that whenever a new order, notice, circular etc. is issued the concerned "group" will be intimated . However, it should be noted that it will be the responsibility of all concerned to continuously update the information about the orders issued by the Directorate by accessing the DGS websites regularly.

If at any point of time any difficulty is experienced in accessing the DGS websites, it may kindly be brought to the notice of Computer Cell of this Directorate at the e-mail ID

This circular comes into force with immediate effect


(G.S. Sahni)

Director General of Shipping & ex. officio Additional Secretary to Govt. of India


  1. All Officers of DGS
  2. All Branches
  3. All Allied offices
  5. All Shipping Companies
  6. All Ports
  7. All Training Institutes
  8. MTO Associations
  9. Coastal Shipowners Associations

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