Procedure for deletion of limitations / conditions in Certificate of Competency.

NT Wing/Exam Circular No.2 of 2010


Authorized by Examination, Assessment & Certification (EAC Br.) IS / ISO Clause No. 7.5.1
  Subject-Procedure for deletion of limitations / conditions in Certificate of Competency. N. T. Branch / Exam circular No. 02 of 2010
Chief Examiner of Master & Mates File No. 3-NT(7)/2002-Pt 19.11.2010
  1. Background:

    This Directorate has been receiving queries and applications from various assessment centers (MMD's) and candidates for deletion of limitations / conditions stipulated in Certificate of Competency of seafarers. In order to bring uniformity in approach for deletion of Limitations/ Conditions of CoC's the directorate has formulated the following Standard Operating Procedure to be followed by the Mercantile Marine Departments.
  2. Procedure to be followed by MMD's:

  3. Ref: M.S (STCW) Rules. 1998

    NT Wing/Exam Circular No. 2 of 2009;

    NT Wing/Exam Circular No. 1 of 2010;

    1. A candidate holding COC with limitation (e.g. "Offshore Supply Vessels only") may apply for deletion of conditions after performing the minimum of six months of approved sea going service, (on a near coastal trading vessel for NCV certificates, or on a foreign going trading vessel for FG certificates, as applicable) in one rank lower or in a supernumerary capacity in the same rank. Thereafter he/she may put up applicable service record for assessment to the designated assessment centers and pass the oral examination (normally, scope of such oral examination shall be restricted to areas of competencies so far not covered in earlier oral examination, e.g. cargo function oral for deletion of "OSV only" condition). However if the candidate has not passed all the prescribed written examinations for unlimited certificate in a particular grade, then he/she will also be required to pass the remaining papers.
    2. Upon receipt of application with necessary fees, assessment centers shall verify his sea service on trading vessel and conduct the oral/ written examination as specified above.
    3. If the candidate has successfully passed the necessary oral/ written examinations, as applicable then the Limitation marked in COC page no. 3 & 4 may be deleted using stamp, Endorsement to this effect may be made on additional pages provided in COC. The endorsement may state that "based on his/her sea service and demonstration of competence, limitation of 'OSV only' is deleted on dd/mm/yyyy" and limitation is now read as 'None'. This endorsement should be signed by the Examiner of Master and Mates. (Specimen attached for guidance)
    4. After deleting the limitation in COC, record of the candidate (Form 15) along with the copy of COC pages showing the endorsement shall be forwarded by the MMD to the Examination Branch of the Directorate for records. Examination branch of the DGS shall send the revised status of COC to INDO's cell for updating of database.
    5. This procedure will come into effect from the date of issue of this circular.
  4. This issues with the approval of the Chief Examiner of Master and Mates.
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    (Capt. A. K. Azad)

    Nautical Surveyor-cum-DDG (Tech.)

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