National LRIT Requirement as per SOLAS



48-NT(2)/2007-Pt-VIII                                                                 Dated: 28th January, 2009

SUB: National LRIT Requirement as per SOLAS Ch - V Reg 19-1 Regarding extension of time limits for compliance of LRIT requirements on ship borne equipments

  1. This notice is in continuation to our earlier notice NT Wing Circular No.4 of 2008 and No.1 of 2009 on the above subject. Where in it was stated that all vessels above 300GT plying on the coast of India to comply with the SOLAS Chapter - V Regulation 19-1.
  2. The ship-owners, Managers, Operators were advised to carry out an LRIT ship borne equipment type approval conformance test. In accordance with section 5.1 of the Performance standards. In the interest of timely implementation the ship owners, managers, operators were requested to implement the LRIT equipment testing of its ships.
  3. The Directorate is receipt of various reports from the ship-owners, Managers, Operators that after conducting the conformance test of the shipborne equipment with M/s TATA Communications, the test have failed in few cases and the equipments for up-gradation or new equipments are not available of the shelf. The request is made for a time period as a transitional time to make all ships fully compliances of LRIT ship borne equipments.
  4. The Directorate General of Shipping in light of the IMO MSC.1/Circ.1299 has considered the above request from the Ship owners, Managers, Operators and time of three months have been granted to comply with requirement of shipborne equipment conformance test. (i.e up to 30th April 2009).
  5. The ship owners, Managers, Operators are informed to comply with the requirements of shipborne equipment conformance test within the stipulated period.
  6. SD/-

    [Capt. J S Uppal]

    DY. Nautical Adviser-cum-Sr.DDG (Tech.).

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