Casualty Circular 6 of 2006

Casualty Circular No. 6 of 2006


The Directorate General of Shipping has in the recent past received several cases relating to casualties that have occurred as a result of collision between vessels. In this regard collision between anchored vessel and vessels initiating maneuver to safely pass anchored vessel requires special mention and therefore attention of mariners is called for.

It has been observed that those vessels intending to pass anchored vessels ahead of its bows tend to drift towards the anchored vessel and invariably make contact with the anchored vessel.

There could be several reasons for such collisions viz. poor appreciation of the inadequate allowance for drift due to current when vessel is proceeding at slow speed, insufficient application of engine power due to traffic, inadequate monitoring of vessels intended track, divergence of focus from the main activity by responsible personnel due to other distractions, prevailing weather conditions, inadequate use of equipments such as Radars and ARPA facility provided therein, lack of experience and so on and so forth.

The Directorate has taken a serious view of such incidents which are taking place repeatedly and in order to curb them it is advised that Ship Masters when maneuvering and navigating in restricted waters should exercise extreme caution when passing vessels that are anchored and avoid crossing ahead of the anchored vessels bows. However if crossing of the bows can not be avoided the maneuver shall be carried out keeping el clear of the bows with professional planning, due diligence and prudence to seamanship.

(Capt. R.K. Awasthi)
Nautical Surveyor-cum-DDG (Tech.)

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