Casualty Circular 4 of 2006

Casualty Circular No. 4 of 2006


NO: 11-NT(80)/2005                                                               Dated: 12th June, 2006




While lowering the lifeboat during the Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Survey on board an Indian flag ship, the lifeboat accidentally dropped in the water. During the process of lowering, it was observed that the lifeboat davits were not moving in tandem. It was observed that the complete weight of the lifeboat was transferred to the aft lifeboat hook, thereby causing the aft hook to snap, consequently the forward hook also snapped due to shift of entire weight on the forward hook. On investigation, it was revealed that the Third Officer and the Chief Officer were not familiar with the self-release mechanism of the lifeboat.


1. Lack of maintenance as described in the manufacturers Manual.

2. Unfamiliarity with the self-release arrangement.

3. Inappropriate engagement of the lifeboat hook and the floating block.

4. Lack of awareness and non-follow up off procedures.




1.  Personnel assigned for lowering of lifeboats and other associated duties should make themselves familiar with all aspects of lowering the boat.

2. Senior management level Officers to ensure detailed appropriate training is imparted to all concerned in lowering of lifeboats.

3. Life Saving Appliances should be kept in readiness for their immediate use.

4. Drills should be planned, organized and performed so that the recognized risks are minimized.


Sd/- (Capt. R.K. Awasthi) Nautical Surveyor-cum-DDG (Tech.)

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