Sinking of Sailing Vessel

Casualty Circular No. 7 of 2004


F.No.9- NT(16)/2004                                                                 Dated 5th October 2004


Sub: Sinking of Sailing Vessel



A motor sailing vessel (MSV) sank off Oman territory in Persian Gulf when encountering violent local storm in the month of March. The vessel was laden with approximately 240 tons of food products, ex Sharjah (UAE) and Dubai and was bound for Yemen. The vessel was manned by 12 crew members. There was no loss of life or serious injury to any crew members.



2.1 GRT 322
2.2 NRT 313
2.3 Engine : Caterpillar 250 BHP
2.4 Year of Built 1996
2.5 Length : 32.32 M
2.6 Breadth 7.55 M
2.7 Status of Surveys / Certificate : valid


2.8 The vessel was first registered at Mangalore. The vessels engine was changed from Ashok Leyland (BHP 160) to existing Caterpillar (BHP 250) in May 2000 when the new owners transferred the vessels registry in his name at Bediport in July 2000.

2.9 The preliminary inquiry report has revealed that no information is available with regard to whether the vessel was ensured.

2.10 The vessel was inspected for its Hull, Machinery, LSA & FFA equipments in Oct 2001 and consequently the certificate of inspection was issued on 16/10/01.




3.1 The vessel sailed from Sharjah at about 1000 hrs in March 2004, for Yemen. On the same day at about 2000hrs, the vessel encountered bad weather and state of seas reportedly increased to Force 5 on Beaufort scale. Due to heavy waves and wind there was heavy ingress of water. The ship staff used pumps to pump out the water but could not cope up with the rate of inflow. The decision was taken to abandon the vessel since the vessel had by now, completely submerged in water due to excessive flooding. Crew members abandoned the vessel and boarded the life-boat and life-raft made by them with the help of diesel drums. The vessel sank at 0400 hrs on the next day.

3.2 The crew members floated in water for about 0500 hrs and eventually were rescued by Royal Oman Coast Guard.



4.1 Heavy ingress of water probably due to improper battening/ weather tightness of hatches/Tarpaulins.

4.2 The vessel was not fitted with any equipment to receive weather forecast. Therefore, crew had no prior knowledge of possible adverse weather in the area.


5.1 Ship owners, Masters, Managers and Operators are encouraged to fit radio/ Navtext facilities on board ships to receive weather forecast. Further, the crew of such vessel are encouraged to undertake basic course in seaman ship and navigation which are mandatory for obtaining Certificate of Competency.

6. This issues with the approval of the Nautical Adviser to the Govt. of India.


Nautical Surveyor -cum- Dy. Director General of Shipping [Tech]

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