Damages of fishing nets off Tutocorin Port/Punnaikayal fishing area

Casualty Circular No. 2 of 2004


F.No.11 NT(44)/2003                                                                  Dated 22nd April 2004


Sub: Damages of fishing nets off Tuticorin Port/Punnaikayal fishing area


1.  Punnaikayal fishing area is located near the Tuticorin Port. Vessels sailing to and from the Tuticorin Port pass Punnaikayal fishing area and often cause heavy damages to the fishing nets of fishing vessels and at times of collide with fishing boats endangering the lives of Punnaikayal fishermen.

2. Ship Masters are advised to keep clear of this fishing area, so as to avoid damages to fishing nets and fishing vessels. 3. 3.  Fishermen are advised to keep clear off Port approaches and other dedicated routes used by Merchant vessels.

(Capt. H.Khatri)
Nautical Surveyor


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