Collision with Fishing Vessel

Casualty Circular No. 1 of 2004


F.No.11 NT(13)/2003                                                                   Dated 13th April 2004


Sub: Collision with Fishing Vessel



1.1 A tanker of gross tonnage 47690 was at anchorage off Cochin Port during the month of April. At about 0330 hrs, an unidentified boat collided with this tanker on her port side near the manifold. The Tanker suffered damage on the side shell in way of frame No. 60 & 61 at about 5.5mtrs below the main deck. The size of crack was about 100mmx5mm. After the collision, the fishing boat switched off and its lights and passed the tanker on the port quarter and headed towards the shore side at full speed.

1.2 Immediate steps were taken by ship staff to transfer the oil from the damaged No. 3 Port Cargo Oil Tank to No. 4 Centre Cargo Oil Tank by gravity and thereafter by pump. Approximately 2 to 3 cubic meter of oil spilled over the side during this incident. On advise from the Harbour Master, oil dispersant was sprayed over the spilled oil. Subsequently, damaged area of the shell plate was temporarily repaired by cold repair.

1.3 The Duty Officer of the tanker, had sighted the approaching fishing boat while at the distance of about 50-60 mtrs away from the ship. However, he could not alert the boat with the ships whistle as the air supply was not available.


2.1 The primary cause of accidents is reckless navigation by the fishing boat. Thorough investigation could not be carried out since no information was available as to the identity of fishing vessel.


3.1 Master and Duty Officers on the bridge watch must ensure that all measures for raising alarm including Ships whistle, etc are kept operational at all times while the vessel is at sea or berth or at anchorage.

3.2 Proper look out to be maintained as per Rule 5 of International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (R.O.R) and basic principles as outlined in Chapter II of R.O.R to be observed in keeping a navigational watch.

(Capt. H.Khatri)
Nautical Surveyor


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