Casualty circular 1 of 2007

Casualty Circular No. 1 of 2007


NO: 11-NT(39)/2006                                                                            Dated: 28th Feb, 2007


Narrative :

Recently, a foreign flag forest product carrier, LOA 200 M, DWT 48000 MT, BHP 10000 at Vancouver B.C. anchorage, dragged anchor due to adverse weather and came in contact with another vessel, also at anchor. While no loss of life or injury to any person was reported, the vessel sustained contact damage to her hull. The incident took place during the 0000 hrs. to 0400 hrs. watch in the early hours of the morning.

Probable Causes:

Investigations have revealed the following probable causes that may have led to this collision:

1. Due diligence/proper vigilance not maintained during anchor watch.
2. The weather forecast was not taken into account.
3. The passage plan was not comprehensive.
4. Due allowance/regard to the effects of wind, tide, current and proximity of other vessels/ navigational hazards were not considered.
5. Engines were not on kept on short notice for manoeuvring.
6. Delayed action in heaving up anchor.

Lessons Learnt / Recommendations:

1. Fundamental principles of watch keeping for vessel at anchor as specified in the STCW Code A VIII/2-51 shall be complied with.

2. Overall response time to save own ship from dragging on to other vessel and other vessel dragging or drifting on to own ship shall be taken into account as part of good observance of seamanship.

3. It is prudent on part of Operators/Masters to be practically be guided by the findings of the flag state.

4. The flag state or the contracting state issuing certificates of competency to the Master or watch keeping officer who contravene rule of safety of navigation should provide necessary additional training or impose a penalty on them.

(Capt. Deepak Kapoor)
Nautical Surveyor-cum-DDG (Tech.)

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