Incidents of piracy, armed robber against ships.


No.35-NT(2)/2005-Pt.                                                                          Dated :27th April 2006

Subject : Incidents of piracy, armed robber against ships.

The Directorate has issued a circular wherein the Indian National Ship owners Association (INSA) and The Sailing & Fishing Vessels Association were informed about the incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships on the coast of Somalia, a copy of which is attached as Annex-1.

Even on the coast of India, there have been incidents of petty theft at certain ports, which have been reported to international organizations including the International Maritime Organization. The risks of piracy on the high seas and armed robbery against ships at anchor off ports or when underway through the territorial waters of a coastal state could be reduced if certain precautionary measures are taken by ship owners, Masters and crew. Ship Masters and Company Security Officers are advised to browse the ICC-IMB website regularly to obtain updates on piracy prone areas to be avoided or be extra vigilant when transiting such areas.

The International Maritime Organization vide MSC/Circ.623/Rev.3 dated 29 May 2002,has issued Guidance to ship owners and ship operators, shipmasters and crews on preventing and suppressing acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships, which is attached as Annex-2. The guidelines provide among other things provisions for Reducing the temptation for piracy and armed robbery, caution to be exercised by Masters when transmitting information on cargo or valuables by radio, recommended useful information such as the need for enhanced surveillance and the use of lighting, surveillance and detection equipment, the radio alarm procedures to be followed, and the reports to be made after an attack or an attempted attack. While in piracy prone areas, Masters are advised to avoid assembly of passengers/ crew on exposed portions of the vessel as it may risk their lives in the event of an armed attack.

Ships are also advised to report all incidents/ attempts of piracy and armed robbery to the nearest Marine Rescue Coordination (MRCC) and Port Authority when such incidents occur on the Indian coast. The flow diagram and reporting format is attached as Annex-3. The contact details of the Indian Coast Guard/ MRCC are attached as Annex- 4.

Ship Masters/ owners/ operators are advised to adhere to these guidelines.


(Capt. V. Baijal)

Dy. Nautical Adviser to the Govt. of India-cum-

Sr. Dy. Director General (Technical)

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