Submission of application form of candidates by the Ship Owning companies who are managing their own ships to appear for the Marine Engineer Officer (Class IV) and Second Mate (foreign going) examination


Authorized by EAC BRANCH    EACQM : 0751
Dy.NA / Dy.CS with the Govt. of India     NT / ENG CIRCULAR NO. 11      File No. ENG/Exam - 17(9)/99-II
    Date : 10-05-2012

Subject: Submission of application form of candidates by the Ship Owning companies who are managing their own ships to appear for the Marine Engineer Officer (Class IV) and Second Mate (foreign going) examination

In order to avoid rush at the examination centers and to expedite the examination and certification process, especially with respect to the assessment for deciding the eligibility to appear for the Marine Engineer Officer (Class IV) and Second Mate (Foreign Going) examination, the Directorate has identified certain major ship owning companies who are operating / managing their ships themselves. These companies are to be entrusted with the duty and responsibility of verification of the authenticity of the candidate's documents and assessment of the sea-service based on the requirements of the Merchant Shipping (Standards of Training Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarers) Rules, 1998, as amended and have them directly submitted to the concerned examination centre.

To begin with, shipping companies or their subsidiaries listed in Annexure -I, having their Head office or Regional offices in Mumbai / Kolkata / Chennai / Kochi/ Kandla are hereby given the authority to carry out the assessment of eligibility of the candidates for Marine Engineer Officer (Class IV) or Second Mate (Foreign Going) examination who have completed their required see service on one or more ships of the same company or their subsidiaries. Criterion for list of companies is based on tonnage, trade, number of trainees constituting presently majority of Indian Shipping. Any other company desirous of being included in Annexure-I, may furnish relevant details to the Directorate in the Shipping Development branch.

Candidates having served for their qualifying service in other companies need to apply for their assessment to the Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) as per current procedure.

The following procedures are to be followed by the shipping companies listed in Annexure for the assessment of the service:

Every company will designate one or more "designated officer(s)" (DO) for carrying out the verification and assessment of sea service. The details of such officer; viz Name, Designation and Signature is required to be duly attested and stamped by the "officer" of the company, who is on records of the MMD and DGS e.g. the Designated Person Ashore (DPA) or the Head of the Regional Office of the company and is to be submitted to the examination centre by such listed company as the case may be.

Sea-service and all other required documents as per the enclosed checklist (Annexure II & Annexure III), needs to be verified from records and duly endorsed.

With respect to the engineering candidates, application Form No. 15 (Engineering) is to be filled up by the candidate and submitted along with original EXN 45, legible and clear photo copies of the requisite documents with proof of sea-service assessment documents duly, signed and stamped by the "designated officer". Such document will be accepted as authentic document for considering the eligibility for the examination / issuing the admit card.

Blank application forms along with checklist can be obtained from the examination centre /MMD website.

With respect to the nautical candidates, application Form No. 15 (Nautical) is required to be filled up and submitted in original along with legible and clear photo copies with proof of sea-service assessment documents duly authenticated, signed and stamped by the DO of the company concerned

It must be ensured that legible and clear photo copies of all the documents submitted by the candidates are verified with the originals and authenticated by the DO of the concerned company.

The submission of such application form shall have the details of the prescribed fees as laid down in the META Manual, as amended and is accompanied with the original bank challan or demand draft as applicable for each Mercantile Marine Department.

The D.O shall verify all the required documents with the check list and return the originals back to the candidates.

Candidates having served in more than one company for their qualifying sea service need to apply to MMD as per the current procedures in force

All the applications coming through above mentioned through are to be scrutinized at random limited to 10% of the cases by the Examiner of Engineers / Master and Mates or his nominee. In case of any doubt or any shortcomings, the examination centre may seek clarification from the concerned company as per the existing procedure. Principal Officer (PO) may decide to carry out additional random checks if any lapses are noticed.

List of eligible candidates will be displayed on the website or the notice board of the concerned MMD giving details of the dates on which they can collect their Admit Cards.

In exceptional cases, the candidate will have the option to file his/her application directly at any one of the MMDs of his/her choice under normal assessment procedure/schedule declared by the assessment centre concerned. Moreover, he/she will need to give reasons in writing for doing so.

Listed company or industry administration may or may not charge "service fee", any fee charged to be reasonable and transparent.

This issue with the approval of the Director General of Shipping & ex-officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India.


[D. Mehrotra]

Deputy. Chief Surveyor-cum-Sr. DDG (Tech)


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