Mentoring and Membership

Engineering Circular No. 54

NO: ENG/EXAM-17(9)/99-I                                                                                                    Dated 6th July,2005

Sub: "Mentoring" and "Membership"

In order to enhance the quality of marine engineering trainees, the Directorate has issued Training Circular No. 1 of 2004 titled "Mandatory Guidelines for accredition with the Director-General of Shipping for all Institutes, Training Centres conducting DGS approved Pre-sea and Post Sea Courses". This guideline had been issued emphasizing on certain critical issues, which were considered to be the most appropriate for building up the quality and competency and attitude of a marine engineering trainee during his institutional learning period. Besides, the knowledge, understanding and proficiency, which are being imparted to him, it was also necessary to build up his professional aptitude. Accordingly, Part B  "Essential for Co-requisite for Trainees" was included in the DGS order. The two most important parts of these Co-requisites are:

  1. Mentorship
  2. Membership of a professional body for "continuous professional development"

There have been very good response from many institutes who have integrated it into their training courses, whereas some others institutes have not implemented it for reasons of interpretation of their understanding of the order. In order to make the essentials of that section clear and abiding by all institutions, the Directorate wishes to clarify the following:

Both the Co-requisites (a) and (b) as stated above are applicable to any marine engineering trainee whether he is under the 10+2 scheme, 4 years approved workshop scheme, 4 years GMarE scheme, 1 year GMarE scheme, 2 years diploma scheme or the ATS scheme. Consequently, the provisions of these Co-requisites need to be implemented in full.

The task of mentoring is carried out by the Institute of Marine Engineers from their list of Mentors and the report of each Mentor shall be viewed as a credit point during his examination for Certificate of Competency, in accordance with the decisions of powers vested in Chief Examiner of Engineers and elaborated in C 9 of the document.

Membership of a professional body, relevant to the profession, such as Institute of Marine Engineers etc needs to be demonstrated at the time of appearing for Certificate of Competency examination.

Compliance of both the Co-requisites i.e. "mentoring" and "membership" has to be reported to the Chief Examiner of Engineers and the Training Department annually giving details of the program.

It is also essential that in accordance with B.11.4.3 mentoring programs must also be initiated for new faculty so that their development to attain the right aptitude for teaching / training of the trainees is fully achieved.

The Institute of Marine Engineers has issued a document on mentoring, which is made available on the IME website i.e.

This is for information and strict compliance.



Dy. Chief Surveyor-cum-Sr.DDG(Tech)

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