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Authorized by EAC BRANCH File No:ENG/EXAM-17(9)/99 EACQM: 0751
Dy. Chief Surveyor with the Govt. of India
Instructions to Examiners Circular No. 104
Issue No. 00 Dated: 9th June, 2006

Subject: Result format

1. In continuation to this office Instruction to Examiners No. 63 and 75 dated 11.5.2004 and 13.09.2004 with regard to examination results' format, it is observed that the result sheets forwarded have no place at the bottom for the signature of the examiners. In order to stream line the procedure and to have uniformity in the result format, kindly ensure that atleast 5.5 cm space is left from the gridlines at the bottom. The format should be duly signed by the Examiner of Engineers, while submitting to this office alongwith EXN-37BC as required

                    Further the Chief Examiner of Engineers has decided that with immediate effect, all results including the EXN-37BC for both written and orals are also required to be forwarded in electronic form as well as a hard copy. All examiners may be advised to forward the EXN-37BC in both hard and soft copy (a copy of the format is enclosed).

2. In order to explain the running rotation number the following example is explained.

                     In the rotation number noted below, XXXX is the running number and this needs to be entered in the running number column of both the result sheet and the EXN 37BC. The complete rotation number must be entered on the 15R only.



          This issues with the approval of the Chief Examiner of Engineers

Encl : As stated above



Dy. Chief Surveyor cum Sr.DDG(Tech)

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