Examinations on Marine Electro Technology and Ship Construction and Stability Function 5 and 6 for MEO Class IV Candidates

Authorised by EAC BRANCH File No:ENG/EXAM-17(9)/99 EACQM: 7.2.1
Dy. Chief Surveyor with the Govt. of India
Instructions to Examiners Circular No. 92
Issue No. 00 Dated: 19th July, 2005

In accordance to M.S. Notice No.06 of 2005, candidates desiring to appear for Function 5 and 6

examinations at operational level on Marine Electro Technology and Ship Construction and Stability shall be allowed to appear for the written papers prior to joining the vessel for the OICEW training period. The papers shall be for a period of 3 hours each and shall be conducted in accordance

with the timetable and periods as conducted for Class IV Part B examination. The conduct of this examination shall not take away the privilege of the candidate to appear after OICEW training (after his

6 months sea time), as is the practice now. It would be the candidate's choice to appear prior to his OICEW training period or after OICEW training period. The orals for the examination, however, will be conducted in the usual manner alongwith the other orals subsequent to OICEW training.

Examiners of Engineers are requested to give necessary instruction for compliance of the above circular with effect from the 1st August 2005.

This issues with the approval of Chief Examiner of Engineers.

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