Issue of Hard Cover

Authorised by EAC BRANCH File No:ENG/EXAM-17(9)/99 EACQM: 0751
Dy. Chief Surveyor with the Govt. of India
Instructions to Examiners Circular No. 91
Issue No. 00 Dated: 15th July, 2005

Subject : Issue of Hard Cover

  1. Further to 'Instructions to Examiner' Circular No. 084 dated 25th January 2005 wherein the Directorate had requested to forward all application forms with regard to revalidation of MEO Class I.
  2. As Hard Covers of MEO Class II and Class IV have also been received, it is requested that all revalidation cases of MEO Class II and Class IV candidates may also be forwarded to this Directorate immediately on receipt of the applications from the candidates for issuance of Hard Cover.
  3. At present candidates having valid Certificate of Competency (soft cover) will be issued with Hard Cover Certificate of Competency, when eligible for revalidation.
  4. As there is no office copy of the Hard Cover, Monthly Returns of the issuance of the Hard Cover may be forwarded to the Directorate alongwith original soft cover for record.

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