Eligibility for appearing in NCV Class IV Oral Examination (Obsolete)

Authorised by EAC BRANCH File No:ENG/EXAM-17(9)/99 EACQM: 0751
Dy. Chief Surveyor with the Govt. of India
Instructions to Examiners Circular No. 087
Issue No. 00 Dated: 3rd May, 2005


Subject : Eligibility for appearing in NCV Class IV Oral Examination


In continuation to the Instruction to Examiners No. 69 dated 15th July 2004 with regard to certification of M.E.O. (Near Coastal Voyage), candidates are required to appear for the written and oral exam after completion of 6 months of sea service with TAR Book. As per the Rule 9.6 of the Section M-III/9 of Meta Manual, the oral examinations pertaining to Marine Engineer Officers Examination, wherever applicable, will have to be passed within a period of 18 months from the date of passing of the written examination of the relevant function(s). However, it is observed that the candidates eligible for M.E.O. Class IV (NCV) are unable to appear for orals within 18 months after passing the written examination due to non availability of the employment on the ships. In partial modification, the Chief Examiner of Engineers has now decided that Rule 9.6 as referred to above, may not be applied to M.E.O. Class IV (NCV) candidates.

This issues with the approval of Chief Examiner of Engineers.

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