Conduct of Oral Exams

Authorised by EAC Branch File No:ENG/EXAM-17(15)/83-II EACQMP Chap VI
E&SS Instructions to Examiners Circular No. 071
Issue No. 00 Dated:3rd Aug,2004

A numbers of instructions, circulars and notices have been issued on the subject of conduct of orals for MEO Examination from time to time. In accordance with the Instruction No. 10, it was mandatory to keep atleast one External Examiners during orals for various grades of examination under MEO Examination 1998 Rules. Subsequently, a list of external examiners was drawn out from the list submitted by the Institute of Marine Engineers, Ex- Examiners of the Department, LBS College, MERI, NIPM, etc. and these examiners were short listed after they had been duly recommended after assessment by the MMDs and DG Shipping examiners. The arrangement brought in transparency into the system of orals and also brought the industry interface with the prospective candidates.

The outcome of such system of having external examiners was also brought under the ambit of the quality document, by having the examiners performance reviewed and assessed from time to time.

Consequently, a training schedule for these external examiners was also made out in accordance with the Circular No. 52 to ensure that the performance of the examiners was on par with those desired by the Chief Examiner of Engineers.

In spite of having so many checks and processes in place, a number of procedural lapses and other factors have crept in viz.

  1. Lack of interest by most of the External Examiners in participating in the oral exam.
  2. Lack of motivation of External Examiners during the oral process.
  3. Alleged partiality shown by examiners towards the candidates from specific post sea training Institutes as well as unfair bias to candidates of other similar Institutes.
  4. Lack of parity in the level of many External Examiners while taking orals.
  5. Disparity owing to External Examiners being older and much senior professional than the Internal Examiner.
  6. The dearth of actual experienced examiners from current crop of serving as Chief Engineers and Technical Superintendent to bring in knowledge and experience of contemporary technology during assessment.

In view of the above, the Chief Examiner of Engineers has given due thought to the earlier instructions and process and the following revised instructions are issued for compliance in all MEO orals examination to be held from 1st of September onwards so that the existing anomalies can be removed.

  1. All MEO oral examinations are to be conducted in the following manner:

    (a) On a one to one basis in the presence of one External Examiner and one Internal Examiner or two Internal Examiners

  2. Explanation

  3. An Internal Examiner is an examiner of the department, duly approved for the grade by the Chief Examiner of Engineers.
  4. The External Examiner should be falling under, one of the following categories:

(a) Ex - Examiner of the Directorate duly approved for the grade - for conduct of examinations under STCW 78 or STCW 95 Convention as amended.

(b) Currently serving as Technical Superintendent, Surveyor of Classification Society, Non-exclusive Surveyors, Consultant of a Shipping company, Technical Managers of Ship repair company or Ship management company, who are in no way involved in teaching or training for examinations of a particular grade in any pre sea teaching / training institutions.

(c) A marine engineer officer from LBS College, MERI, NIPM duly approved by the Chief Examiner of Engineers for the grade.

In the absence of person under categories (a), (b) & (c) and under special circumstances any other Examiner by co-option of the internal examiner and with consent of the Chief Examiner of Engineers. In all such cases however, the bio-data, experience and recommendation for such a said examiner must be forwarded to the Chief Examiner of Engineers for due approval prior to conduct of orals. This method of co-option would not be a recommendatory normal practice but an exception only.

Currently, a list of the approved examiner exists, which is to be followed till the 30th of August 2004, by which time a complete new list of external examiners duly approved by the Chief Examiner of Engineers shall be put up. Any marine engineer who would otherwise wish to be an external examiner should approach the Institute of Marine Engineers with his Bio-data for enlistment and approval by the Chief Examiner of Engineers on the conditions as specified above. While preparing the list of approved external examiners several factors will be carefully weighed, including professional qualifications, experience compatible with the requirements of an examiner, integrity, attitude availability and probity index. Reasons for accepting or not accepting a proposal will not be disclosed and in all matters the Chief Examiner of Engineers' decision will be final.

This notice is in partial modification of the circulars and notices as follows:-

1) Instruction Examiner No. 10

2) Instruction Examiner No. 26

3) Instruction Examiner No. 27

4) Instruction Examiner No. 46

5) Instruction Examiner No. 49

6) Instruction Examiner No. 52

7) Instruction Examiner No. 59


(Dr. P. Misra)

Dy. Chief Surveyor with the Govt. of India

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