Exemption provision for Appearing in MEO Class I Examination (Superseded by EAC circular no. 74 of 2004)

Authorised by EAC Branch File No:ENG/EXAM-17(9)/99 EACQMP Chap V1
Dy. Chief Surveyor with the Govt. of India Instructions to Examiners Circular No. 65
Issue No. 00 Dated:15th June,2004

This Directorate has received numerous representations from the candidates requesting to continue with the exemption granted from appearing in MEO Class  I examination as per the EAC Branch circular 33 dated 3rd September 2001 as well as M.S. Notice 17 of 2001 dated 5th October 2001. The earlier exemption was granted during the transition period from STCW 78 to STCW 95 as a temporary measure to ensure the smooth transition. This exemption is not meant to continue forever and at some point of time it is to be discontinued. Accordingly, sufficient time was given to the candidates to avail the exemption provisions. However, few candidates may not have cleared the examination till date to avail this exemption benefit. Hence, Chief Examiner of Engineers has now reviewed the case and in partial modification of EAC Branch circular number 062 dated 19th April 2004 decided to extend the exemption provision till 31st December 2004 for the following candidates only:

  1. Candidates who have completed qualifying sea service as on 31st December 2001 (the date on which MEO Class I old examination was discontinued) as Officer in-Charge of Engineering watch on board a ship of appropriate power to be eligible to appear in MEO Class I (Part B) old examination while holding MEO Class II Certificate of competency (old).
  2. Candidates who have appeared and not passed all subjects of MEO Class - I (Part B) old.

    However, these candidates are required to pass written & oral examination of all functions of MEO Class ' II (new) to be eligible for MEO Class ' I certificates. The candidates under para 2 above are not required to appear for the MEO Class II (Part B) subjects/functions, if already passed in an earlier attempt while appearing in MEO Class I (Old) examination prior to 31st December 2001. Further, this extension does not apply to any other category of candidates.

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