U.K. endorsement of COC issued by MCA U.K. ( Included in TEAP A, Section III/16, Cl.20 )

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DYCS Instructions to Examiners Circular 057
  Issue No. 00 Dated:21st January,2004

This Directorate has been receiving numerous applications from the MMD for endorsement of Certification issued by MCA U.K. Most of them have either not been verified or have part functional papers. In order to regularize and stream line the procedure a procedure need to be laid down.

Following procedure should be followed while processing the applications for Indian endorsement from Certificates issued by Maritime and Coastguard Agency U.K.

  1. The verification of the Certificate issued by MCA be done on internet. (Procedure for same is attached)
  2. Printouts of the verification should be taken and forwarded alongwith the application forms to the examiner and to DG Shipping.
  3. Endorsement for 3 months can be issued as per the previous order 'Training Circular 7 of 2002' consequent to assessment and verification followed by orals.
  4. Xerox copy of the endorsement should be forwarded to DG Shipping.
  5. Candidate should have passed in all the functions in the original certificate, and the same should be endorsed in the certificate (Example Function 3,4,5,6). Part functional endorsements should not be accepted, even for NCV application.

In the event of any old cases ,with part function statements, but clear category statements-such as III/1 or III/2 but functions 4,5,6 only - refer the matter to the Directorate before taking action. Such cases must only be entertained if the candidate held a valid Class II or Class I certificate under the STCW 78 regulation and CoC is issued by UK and Northern Ireland

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