TAR Book

Authorised by EAC Branch File No:ENG/EXAM-17(9)/99 EACQMP Chap V1
DYCS Instructions to Examiners Circular 056
Issue No. 00 Dated:5th January,2004


The Directorate has been receiving a number of representations from Maritime Training Institutions and Workshops regarding the difficulties they are facing with the approval and endorsement of TAR books vis--vis Proforma B. Since, the entire issue of approving Proforma A and B is now being dealt with by the Training branch, this endorsement now needs to be seen in a different light

A number of Instructions to Examiners including Engine Circulars have been issued on this matter and they are listed as below:

  1. Instructions to Examiners No. 4 dated 2nd October 1999
  2. Instructions to Examiners No. 14 dated 19th April 2000
  3. Instructions to Examiners No. 20 dated 25th July 2000
  4. Instructions to Examiners No. 21 dated 4th August 2000
  5. Instructions to Examiners No. 23 dated 22nd November 2000
  6. Instructions to Examiners No. 24 dated 22nd November 2000
  7. Instructions to Examiners No. 31 dated 8th August 2001
  8. Instructions to Examiners No. 37 dated 18th October 2001
  9. Instructions to Examiners No. 42 dated 12th April 2002
  10. Instructions to Examiners No. 48 dated 29th November 2002
  11. Engine Circular No. 1 dated 4th August 2000
  12. Engine Circular No. 6 dated 29th June 2001

Having reviewed the situation, it has now been decided that endorsement of TAR books by MMD is no more necessary and can be done away with, in the process. However, there is no denying the fact that these TAR books must ultimately be checked and compared with Proforma B at the time of assessing the eligibility for examination at the operational and management levels. This is absolutely necessary to ensure that candidates who have not undergone a DGS approved training scheme, would be able to apply for and appear in the examination.

This is for your kind information and necessary action.

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