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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Check List for Manning Dispensation

Proforma for Manning Dispensation

DSM Review Checklist

ISM Manual Scrutiny Checklist

Check List for Approval of Workshop for Servicing and Maintenance of Lifeboarts, Launching Appliances and on Load Release Gear on Board Ship.

Check List for Issuance/Renewal of Certificate of Registration as Fire Fighting Appliances Service Station.

Standard Operating Procedures : PSC/FSI: Authorizations/Target.

Summary of Inspection of examination facilities at various MMD's

Addendum No.1 to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Surveyor's Authorization towards PSC/FSI Inspections, issued on 14.10.2016

Standard Operating Procedure for Assessment of Adequacy of a Port Reception Facility


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for issuance of Recuitment and Placement of Seafarer Licence,

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for issuance of Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Replacement / Duplicate / Renewal of Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)

DGS Circular No.04 of 2017 - Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the issues reported of missing, stranded, non-payment of wages, non-provisions on board ship of seafarers, to DGCOM Centre.

Corrigendum to DGS Circular No.04 of 2017


Naval Arct. Wing Circular No.02 of 2015 - Procedure for availing services from the Naval Architecture Wing (exemptions, dispensations, extension of survey or validity for the certificate and other services.


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for registration of Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO)


[a]      SOP for Towing  Permission in foul weather season  – Flow chart

[b]      SOP for any exemption / dispensation from the provision of the MS Rules for ships registered in India with flow chart:-

[i]         Flow chart of SOP for DGS dispensation / exemption inward


[ii]        Annexure-I for dispensation request,


[iii]       Annexure-II for Single voyage permission


[iv]       M.S. Notice No.3 of 2008

[c]        Flow Chart of online  S.O.P. for Ship’s Registration approval of  Name, Allotment of Call Sign, Official Number and MMSI number etc.

[d]        Flow Chart  of   S.O.P. for DGS ISPS inward documents

 [e]        Flow Chart  of   S.O.P. for initial / renewal EPIRB & SART inward

[f]         Flow Chart  of   S.O.P. for issuance of N.O.C. to conduct familiarization / refresher course of Medical Examiners for seafarers [with check list for the NOC]

[g]        Flow chart of DGComm / SOP in connection with Marine Casualty /002/REV.03

[h]        Flow chart of Nautical Exam Cell   and  a flow chart for issuance of COC

[i]        16 Point Checklist  for applying Authorize Insurer order Port Entry Rules, 2012.

[j]        Standard Operating Procedure for operation of Indian sailing vessel in international voyages - reg


Shipping Development Circular No.4 of 2015 - Procedure for online issuance of licenses and chartering permissions, for foreign flag vessels under section 406/407 of the Merchant Shipping (MS) Act, 1958, as amended - reg.



Standard Operating Procedure during Marine Casualty

(Annex-I) - Information Flow With DGS During Marine Casualty

(Annex-II) - List of contacts in Case of Casualty

(Annexure-1) - First report of Marine Casualty/Incident



Revised Standard Operating Procedure for Approval of Maritime Training Institutes                  

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