Seafarers Identity Document(SID)

The concept of an universal Identification system for the seafarers was mooted in 1950s. Accordingly, International labour Organization (ILO) brought forward the ILO Convention C-108 on seafarers Identity Document. India has ratified this convention and issuing a Continuous Discharge Certificate cum Seafarers Identity Document to its seafarers in the form of a booklet.

The world maritime community had felt the need for a more uniform and robust Identification system for the seafarers consequent to the discussions. The ILO had adopted another Convention C.185 on Biometric Seafarers Identity Document to be given to all seafarers. The new biometric SID has the provisions for the bar coding of the biometrics based identity of seafarers and a centralized data base maintained in the issuing country, which can be accessed globally through an interoperable & standard biometric template.

           India has ratified the convention and issuance of new Biometric Seafarers Identity Document for its seafarers will be commenced in 2018.

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