The Seamen (Supply of Articles for Personal use) Rules, 1966



RULES 1966

( As amended in 1976 and 1978)



Department of Transport, Shipping and Tourism 

(Transport Wing) 

New Delhi, 3rd June, 1966.


N O T I F I C A T I O N 


GSR 893 –  In exercise of the powers conferred by Sub-Section (i) of Section 172, read with Clause (1) of sub-section (2) of Section 101, of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 (44 of 1958), the Central Government hereby makes the following rule, namely:- 

1.     Short title, Application and Commencement : 

(1)                           These Rules may be called the Seamen( Supply of Articles for Personal use) Rules, 1966. 

(2)                           They shall apply  to every ship of over five hundred  tons  gross employing or engaging seamen under the said Act. 

(3)                           They shall come  into force on the 1st day of June, 1966. 

2.    Supply of Articles for Personal use: 

(1)Every Master or owner of a ship to which these rules apply shall supply or cause to be  supplied to each seaman for his  personal use on his  employment  or engagement as such seaman and at periodical intervals thereafter the  articles mentioned in the Scheduled to these rules in accordance with  the terms and conditions specified therein  

(2)Every article supplied under sub-rule (1) shall be for the personal use of a  seaman on board during service on the ship and shall, except soap or detergent, be returned by him in good condition to the Master at the time of his discharge from the ship.  

(3)In the event of any such article not being returned in good condition or being lost, the seaman concerned shall be liable to pay an amount not exceeding the cost price of the article. 

(4)The amount  referred to in sub-rule (3) shall  be deducted by the master from the wages or balance of wages of the seaman at the time to his discharge from  the ship. 

(5)For  the purpose of sub-rule (3) and (4), the expression ‘good condition’ shall  include any  condition of normal wear and tear.


Scale of Supply of Personal Items to Every Seaman 

( See Rule 2 (1)] 


(a) Crockery-Cutlery


(i)               One full plate                   @  Procelain or Stainless            

(ii)            One quarter plate or                steel or anodized

Bowl (Kataori) of not less           Aluminium

Than 3” diameter 




(iii)         One  Mug

(iv)          One Teaspoon                                  Stainless Steel

(v)           One Table-spoon

(vi)          One Table knife

(vii)         One Fork



* Inserted  by Ministry of Shipping and Transport Notification No. MWS (61)/75-MT, dated 7.5.1976. 

@ Inserted by Ministry of Shipping and Transport Notification No. MWS (61 /75-MT, dated 2-2-1978


(b)    Bedding 

(i)              One Mattress

(ii)            One Pillow-standard size (not less than 20) 


(c)   Linen  

(i)           One Pillow Case

(ii)          Two Bed sheets

(iii)         One Bedspread

(iv)         Two blankets

(v)           One bath Towel (Turkish or equivalent quality of not less than 42” size).

(vi)          One hand towel or Napkin. 

(d)Soap per month 

(i)             3 Cakes of toile soap

(ii)            1 1b. of washing soap or detergent. 

(a)  Miscellaneous  

(i)               One tea strainer to  be provided in each  cabin; or two aluminum kettles and  one tea strainer in the Galley.

(ii)            One ash tray in each cabin.

(iii)         One mug  to be provided in each Indian style toile.” 

NOTIE ---- 

(1)            The above articles at the time of supply to a seaman  shall be of good quality and in clean condition. 

(2)            The bedsheets, pillow cases and towels, including hand towels or napkins, shall be changed  one in a week, while the other  articles shall be replaced as and when necessary.

(3)            The plates and other mess untensils shall be made of either,  glass, china or enamel ware or of any other  approved metal which can be easily cleaned, tinned  or polished, if required. 

(4)            If the blankets supplied are woolen, the seamen are  not entitled to any further supply of blankets when the ship enters any specified cold region.  


[ 19-MT(9)/650]



Under Secy. to the Govt. of India
For Dy. Secy. to the Govt. of India


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