Seventh Schedule


[ See rule 28(1)]

Issued by the
 Government of India


Taken possession of by the Receiver of Wreck named below.

Name of Officer                                           Title of office         Where stationed



Note�This book is to contain full particulars of Wreck or other articles taken into Custody by the Receiver, or seized by or reported to him, and of all. transactions in respect thereof. Cases in which the Receiver render services to a vessel in distress but does not take it into his custody, are also to be entered therein. All the entries are to be made -legibly and in ink.

The Report Book should, in fact, be kept in such a manner as to enable the Receiver to ascertain at once, and without reference to any other documents, the value of each article bearing a separate reference number (or if the article . has been sold, of the gross ) proceeds of sale), and all sums received and paid on account there- of, and the disposal of the property or proceeds of sale.

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