The National Welfare Board for Seafarers Rules, 1963 - Notification dated 04.11.1993

(Shipping  Wing)


New Delhi, the 4th November, 1993 

S.O.  890 (E) :- In exercise of t he powers conferred by sub- section (i) of Section 218 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 (44 of 1958) read with Rule 3 and 4 of the National Welfare Board for Seafarer’s Rules, 1963 as amended  from time to time , the Central Government hereby constitutes, for period  of two years from the  date of  publication of this notification  in the Official Gazettee, the National Welfare Board for    Seafarers, consisting of the following  members, namely:


1.       The Ministry  in charge of Shipping                     (Ex-officio)


2.       Director General of (Shipping)                             (Ex-officio)
          Jahaz Bhavan, Walchand
          Hirachand Marg,Bomaby – 400 038

3.       Joint Secretary dealing with                       Representatives of Central Govt.
          Seamen’s Welfare, 
          Ministry of Surface Transport
           New Delhi.

4.       Representative from Ministry                                         -do-
          of Labour,(will be included later on)


5.       Capt. K.N. Balakrishnan                             Representative  of Kerala Govt.
          Director of Ports,  
           Fishries and Ports (D) Department,


6.       Representative of State Govt.                      Representative of Gujarat Govt.
          (will be included later on) 


7.       Capt D. Sengupta,                                      Representative of Calcutta Port Trust
          Marine Department,
          Calcutta Port Trust,
          15, Strand Road,
          Calcutta – 1

8.       Capt. V. Kuruvilla,                                      Representative of Cochin Port Trust
          Dy. Conservator,
          Cochin Port Trust,
          Willingdon Island,
          Cochin – 9

9.       Capt. M.X. Corea,                                       Representative of Shipowners
          General Manger,
          (Fleet Personnel)
          Shipping  Corporation of India
          425, Madam Cama Road,
          Shipping House,Nariman Point,

10.     Sh. N.E. Pardiwala                                              - do-
          Vice President,
          Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.,
          World Trade Centre No. 1,
          8th floor, Cuffe parade, Bombay – 5


11.     Cdr. L.K. Sharma,
          Chairman,                                                            -do-
          Maritime Association of Shipowners
          Ship Mangers, and   Agents (MASSA),
           4, Shoorji Vallabhadass Marg,  
           Ballard Estate,Bombay – 38


12.     Dr. Leo Barnes,                                          Representative of Seafarers
          General Secretary, 
          National Union of Seafarers of India,
          4, Goa Street,
           Ballard Estate, Bombay

13. Capt. U.S. Adam,                                                     --do—
      Secretary,Maritime Union of India,
      Udyog Bhawan,
      14th floor, Walchand  Hirachand Marg,
       Bomaby – 400 038.

14. Sh. Sadhan Kanjilal,                                                   --do—
     Treasurer, Forward Seamen’s Union of India
      (CITU), 1A/1F, Watganj Street,
     Calcutta – 23.

15. Sh. V.S. Gangrude,                                        Representative of Society interested
      Shipping Master                                             in Seaman’s welfare.     

16. Sh. George Fernandes,                                  Representative of Lok Sabha,
     Member of Parliament,
       Lok Sabha,New Delhi.

17. Sh E. Balanandan,                                         Representative of   Rajya Sabha.
     Member of Parliament, 
     Lok Sabha,New Delhi.

18.  Will be include later on                                  Non official Member  in the field of Seamen’s
                                                                          Welfare or Public  Welfare.

19.  Deputy Director General                               Member Secretary
       In charge of   Seaman’s
       Welfare, Jahaz Bhavan,
       Walchand Hirachand Marg,
        Bombay – 38  

                                             [F. No. ST-15012/1/93/MT]

S.N. KAKAR, Jt. Secy.

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