Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules, 1994

(Shipping Wing)
New Delhi, the 17th March, 1994

G.S.R. 160.—In exercise of powers conferred by Sub-section (i) of section 74 read with section 458 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 (44 of 1958), the Central Government hereby make the following rules further to amend the Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules, 1960, namely :— I . (1) These rules may be called the Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Amendment Rules, 1994.

(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

2. In the Mercl1ant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules, 1960,—

(1) in rule 1, in sub-rule (3) the words “but do not apply to a ship not exceeding 15 tons net and employed solely in navigation on the coasts of India”, shall be omitted ;

(2) in rule 3, after clause (c) following clause shall be added, namely :— “(d) permission of the Director General of Shipping to register a ship”;

(3) in rule 4, for the words “Justice of the Peace” the words “Special Executive Magistrate” shall be substituted;

(4)      in rule 5, for the figures “1960” the figures “1987” shall be substituted.

(5)      in rule 10,   .

(a) in clause (a),—

(i)       the words “four inches” and “or half an inch” occurring at two places shall be omitted. .

(ii)      the words “ships” name and the port of registry shall be marked both in Hindi and English       with Hindi letters in superior position” shall be added at the end.

(b) in clause (b), for the words “cut in” the words “on a brass plate 30 eras long and 6 cms wide. The same shall be affixed in a conspequous place on the navigation bridge” shall be substituted.

(c) for clause (c), the following clause shall be substituted, namely :—       .

“(c) Her scale of draught marks shall be cut off in metres and decimetres both forward and act on the port and starboard side respectively”.

(d) in para after clause (c)

(i) for the words “few feet” the words “not more than 2 metres” shall be substituted.

(ii) the words “after perpendicular in two columns parallel to each other” shall be omitted.

(6) for Schedule I, the following Schedule shall be substituted, namely


(see rule 38)

Description of Forms                                                                                  Registry Form No.

I . Certificate of Indian Registry .                                                                          1

2.Provisional certificate of registry granted by Indian Consular Officers              2

3.Declaration of ownership by individuals                                                            3

4.Declaration of ownership by joint owners                                                          4

5.Delaration of ownership on behalf of a company                                               5

6.Declaration of ownership Or interest on transmission by death
of registered owner or mortgagee 

7.Declaration of ownership or interest on transmission
 by insolvency of registered owner or mortgagee  

8.Instrument of sale (individuals or joint owners)                                                   8

9. Instrument of sale (company)                                                                             9

10.Mortgage of secure principal sum and interest
     (individuals or joint owners)

11  Mortgage to secure principal sum and interest (company)                               11

12.     Mortgage to secure account current, etc. (individuals or joint owners)        12

13.     Mortgage to secure account current, etc. (company)                                    13

I 4.     Provisional certificate of Indian Registry                                                      I 4

15.     Application for, approval of name, allotment of signal
        letters arid official number.

16. Certificate of survey                                                                                          16

17. Transcript of register                                                                                         17

I 8. Transaction subsequent to registry                                                                   18

19. Report of allotment  of Signal letters to the Ministry of
     Communications, Government of India

20. Carving and Marking Note                                                                                 20

21. Annual Return of ships                                                                                       21

22. Register Book Form                                                                                           22(a)

23. Register Book Form                                                                                           22(b)

 (7) for Schedule II, the following Schedule shall be substituted, namely :—


(see rule 39)


1. On initial Registry, re-registry, registry a new or
 registration on transfer of port of registry Processing fee                                           500.00

Registration fee

(a) Ships upto 3000 GRT subject to minimum of Rs. 1500/-                                       1.00
                                                                                                                            per GRT

(b) Ships from 1600 GRT to 20000 GRT—subject to maximum of Rs 15000/-              1.00

       per GRT


(c) Ships 20000 GRT and above                                                                              15000GRT+
Re.1.00per GRT in excess 
of 20000 GRT 

2. For supply of Duplicate copy of Certificate of Registry                                           500.00

Provisional Certificate of Registry

3. For registry of mortgage 10 paise for every 1,000/- of the value of                           500.00

mortgage with a minimum charge of Rs. 500/-                                                   

4. Release of mortgage                                                                                          500.00

5. Transfer o Ownership                                                                                        1000.00

6. Transfer of share of mortgage                                                                              500.00

7. Deletion of registry                                                                                             500.00


8. Registry of alteration                                                                                        500.00

9. For change of Name of a ship :—                                                                      1000.00

(The above fee covers the inspection of markings, the change of name on the loading, certificate and on the sues and Panama Canal Certificates, and in the case of ships holding passenger certificates the issue of fresh declarations and passenger certificates showing the new name and any alterations in the ownership and port of registry. The fee also covers the replacement of safety certificates, safety equipment certificates, safety radio telegraphy certificates or safety radio telephony certificates or exemption by certificates in the new name)

10. For inspection of Register Book for each inspection                                        100.00

11. For inspecting Ship’s markings                                                                      300.00 per visit

12. For copies of or extracts from or searches for, documents

(i)       For a certified copy of the particulars entered by the                                     500.00

Registrar in the Register Book on the registry of a ship,

together with a certified statement showing the ownership of the

ship at that time

(ii)      For a certified copy of any declaration document a copy of                           500.00

which is made evidence by the         Merchant Shipping Act, 1958


(iii) For a certified copy of, or extracts from document declared

by the Merchant Act, 1958, to he admissible in evidence

Declaration of Ownership Instrument of Sale Instrument of                                    100.00 per copy

Mortgage Certificate of Reisgtry (initial issue)

Provisional Certificate of Registry.

13.     Change of Master                                                                                    250.00

14.     For issue of temporary pass or provisional certificate of

Indian registry and for expansion of the period of temporary pass                          1000.00

15. for allotment of signal letters                                                                         500.00”      


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