The National Shipping Board is a permanent statutory body established in 1959 under Section 4 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 to advise the Govt. of India on matters related to shipping including the development thereof. The Board has played a very distinguished role in the Maritime development of the country, as its deliberation and recommendations have contributed to the evolution of a sound and pragmatic National Maritime Policy over the years.

The Chairman and other members of the Board held office for a period of two years.? The constitution of the Board is as follows :-

  1. Six Members elected by Parliament, four by the House of the people from amongst its members and the other two by the Council of States from among its Members.
  2. Such Members of other members not exceeding sixteen as the Central Government may think fit to appoint on the Board to represent :-
    1. The Central Government.
    2. Shipowners.
    3. Seamen, and
    4. Such other interests as in the opinion of the Central Govt. ought to be represented on the Board.? Provided that one of the Members of the Board shall be nominated by the Central Government to be the Chairman of the Board and the Board shall include an equal number of persons representing the shipowners and Seamens.
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