Principle Roles and Functions

(a) As the apex administrative interface and the maritime authority for the entire nation with the primary responsibility to protect and further the nation's maritime interest

(b) Address all the welfare and safety of over five lakh Seafarers at all times

(c) Safe guard the marine environment and prevent marine pollution

(d) Regulate the registration, survey and operational aspects of all seafaring vessels including their architecture and certifications

(e) Regulate the training eco system of the Maritime training platforms of over 165 pre-sea and post sea institutions all over the nation

(f) Further international cooperation on the maritime front

(g) Engage with global multilateral forums of the International Maritime Organisation, London, UK to ensure compliance to the conventions internationally acceded to by India's maritime stakeholders

(h) Actively engage in multimodal logistics and transport supervision and ensure economic and safe transit and transhipments of cargo etc at major and non-major ports

(i) Ensure and supervise port navigational safety and port security and Safety and vessel safety in coordination with the Port Authority and the authorities addressing the security mandate

(j) Ensuring Navigational standards and aspects related to maritime domain awareness for commercial sea faring vessels.

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