Maritime Labour Convention

Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)2006, which is considered as the “fourth pillar” of International Maritime Law and ‘bill of rights’ for the seafarers provides them not only their fundamental rights as workers, but also provide minimum international standards for living and working conditions, including such things as food, accommodations, medical care, repatriation, social security, and recruiting. The convention comes into force with effect from 20.08.13. The convention is in its advanced stage of ratification by India. In order to keep the Indian flag ships and Indian seafarers in a comfortable position, when the convention comes into force internationally, the Indian Maritime Administration had facilitated the Indian Ships, owners to subject their ships to a voluntary inspection for MLC, 2006, vide M.S. Notice No. 07 of 2013(F. No. 16(5)/CR/2010) dated 01.02.13, so that a ‘Statement of Compliance’ for MLC 2006 can be issued to such ships which will enable these ships to receive favorable treatment under MLC regime in foreign ports till the ratification of the convention by India.

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